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Friday, January 9, 2009

Im not even going to make it through these next two years

tonight as i was playing video games and checking my e-mail, i heard the familiar sound of oliver crying in the kitchen.  My mom asked me to put charlotte in the kitchen  to keep him quiet, like we did last night--and it worked great.  So after charlotte had been in there for about an hour i heard the worst, most terrifying sound ever.  If dogs could scream like humans,  this would have been the most blood curtaling scream ever.  
I ran upstairs preparing myself for the worst:  "Oliver snapped and attacked her..."  but that wa not the case.  Charlotte had tried to squeeze thorugh the puppy gate, on the skinniest slot--the one right next to the wall and had got stuch at her neck.  She was freaking out and yanking her head around and trying to free herself, which only made the problem that much worse.  By the time I got to her she was already almost twisted over upsidedown.  I flipped out an started screaming for my mom becuase i just didn't see how her head could fit back through the tiny opening.  It was really pretty easy, we jus had to pick her up to the top where the opening got wider and pull her out.
To make all this a million times worse, abby was there in the hall with us, went completly ballistic, attacked me and my mom both so bad that we were gushing blood, and now on top of rabies shots, i need to get a tetnis shot.
I might not even make it to max's homecoming, but I will try my best.