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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I can not believe that I am already almost two years into my college life.  Two years, thats a full time mission.  It's had it's up and downs and pain and joy.  I've cried I've laughed and I've met some of the best friends and most solid people I could have ever asked for.  I've grown, leanred and developed. It feels like I've been there for ages and just got there at the same time.  I think the highlights of college so far are:

Fall 07:
-stealing TP from the MC because our roommate hoarded it.
-monica jacking up her ankle.
-renting movies from the lobby
-fort Thai.
-living with monica
-elementary school Halloween festivals for extra credit
-breakfast in the galley
-Last night of the semester. holla.

Summer 08:
-the high school boys
-bonfires at the temple
-max and taylor
-sundays at sundown
-the plastics
-horkley's runs at 2 am
-sundays in porter park

Fall 08:
-Maximilian's visit
-getting my first letters from missionaries.
-writting my first letters to missionaries.
-the ward, and the people in it.
-danbury manor
-falling asleep to general conference talks
-going to devotional
-rabies shots

Summer 09 is going to have to bring a lot to match the semesters past, something tells me it will though.  All i know for sure is that I love Rexburg Idaho and that I can't wait to go back.



I was looking at some stuff on youtube last night when I couldn't sleep, and I found out about a new genre of music called Hipster rap--personally I think they should call it Hipster Hop--and it's really fresh.  In my personal, most likely discredited, opinion It's like Chris Brown (a parallel universe version that doesn't beat women) and Travis from Gym class heros joined forces with the Beastie Boys and N.E.R.D.    Maybe even a little Sugar Hill gang.  Maybe.
And they dress well.

Apparently one of the token attributes of Hipsters is irony, so this genre is completely formed around the concept of irony, even if it is unintentional.  I guess, I'm still new to hipster rap.
According to the video I was watching, The hipsters who make this their music of trade amp up the irony by  mixing the hipster style and attitude with the rapper image and apparently that equals irony.

Kids in the Hall
Cool Kids
Kid sister
pretty much anyone with the name "kid" in their name, as stated in this youtube infomercial.