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Sunday, March 14, 2010

mighty change of heart, Mentors, and mad dance parties.

Who would have though they could happen simultaneously?

This semester has taken me to places I've never been before, and some places I am not eager to go back to.  I think I cried more this semester than I have in my entire previous college career combined, but hey: your eyes must do some raining if you're ever going to grow.  And grow I did.
The best thing about being crazy is that when you finally get over it, you have to hit the ground running.  Time will have been lost, and friends and relationships will have been neglected.  All of these factors lead to a desperate scramble to fix the things I did wrong and lead to a change of habits, thoughts, and heart.

At least two things this semester of the religious variety (devotional, firesides, church talk, etc.) have dealt with mentors in out lives and how we need to be prepared to meet them and also be humble enough to listen to them when they teach us.