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Sunday, March 1, 2009


today I am thankful for:
new weekly list.

-Not being the most socially awkward person I know
              .possibly not even making top ten.
-Being exactly 19 and a half.  balling.
-Pinkerton, Charlotte, Oliver, Abby, and Cricket.
-The time I got with Boomer, and Zuzu.  And all the hamsters, gerbils, fish, lizards, snakes and other animals I've had.
-Friends on missions
-Friends across Ameirca
-Extended Cable
-Rob Dyrdek having a new show
-The fact that subfinder calls you
-Break the fast
-Milk, juice, and ice cold water
-glow in the dark nail polish
-cell phone alarms so i can wake up to "do you know" every morning
-the usual things: the church, my mail box, the BOM, sundays, my family, my house, my job...
-people who can light a fire in you to do something
-Jordan the guitar
-Collin the guitar in Idaho
-Music in general
-callouss forming on fingers 
-discovering how to make my own guitar picks out of paper
-Hua sweaters


dog of the week:

sleeping hua pup.
so precious.


Today church was really interesting, in a good way.  We picked up an investigator on the way so we got to sit with her and the missionaries, but we all had to squeeze into like half a pew and no one though to just slid over and let them sit on the end, so they climbed over all of us.  Both of them.  Because they have to go everywhere together.  
This crazy little girl that was sitting in front of us keep touching my knee because I had on purple tights.  Elder West and I both did a very good job at not laughing though.  
I guess that was really all of the commotion, but it all happened in like 10 minutes so it make things seem more extreme.