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Monday, July 19, 2010

An unwritten life

I feel so much of the time like life is just going through the motions and falling into patterns; I'm not exactly crazy about it either...

I've tried to take the reigns so many times and have gotten a lot better since Europe, but I still fall short. a lot.

I want to live the life i was put here for and not the life others put me up to or expect from me.

This summer I am going to get running shoes for my birffday so i can start running. I am also going to do b work out everyday, and stop eating junk food for real this time.... I always try adn make it a few weeks then feel weird around others when they all eat it and offer it to me. But in all reality... who cares. it's my body and my life and i want to be fit.
The next time i eat junk food it will be cake on my birffday!