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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today was the first night i worked with the achievement girls.  It was really fun, I like tweens.  Believe it.  
We made name tags and decorated cookies.  We just kind of got to know each-other this week.  The ladies I work with are so nice and sweet. 
 I'm really glad i got a calling that isn't nursery while I am home.
Next time we meet there will be games and snacks and good times all around.
It's only every other week, so thats nice.  I already had so skip out on a YSA activity tonight because of Achievement.
Ima go to institute tomorrow though, and hopefully FHE next week.  
If i can figure out when and where it meets.

Pinkerton and Charlotte are cuddling on the couch next to me.  So presh, and flabby is yowling because she wants food.  


Baby hippos, among many other baby animals, (with the exception of humans) are the most presh.
Although they could break you like a glowstick when they grow up, they are absoutly adorable when they are itty-bitty.
To make them even more perfect there is such thing as a pygmy hippopotamus.
I think this is a straight up hippo, but it's still precious.