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Monday, April 20, 2009


Today was great, my ward is way fly, and i also got to see everyone (minus the boy) from summer 08.  It all just kind of fell together for me.  I am so excited for summer 09!

Monday, April 13, 2009


the week's run down so far:

wednesday the 8th: left MN at 6 am drove drove drove
thursday the 9th: saw the high school boys, makana, and cody. Crashed in Rexburg.
Friday the 10th: drove to utah, temple square, slept at grandma's.
saturday the 11th: Drove to provo, saw some friends, saw thorn, back to SLC then back to grandma's.
Easter Sunday: up at 5 am. Drove to airport in SLC, flew to baltomore and caught a shuttle to NIH.

Today was full of blood work, exams, doctors appointments, naps on couches and hospital floors, and even more tests. Pizza hut for dinner and tomorrow it starts all over again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


more day.

So many things I'll never learn,
you can't cross bridges that you've burned...
...You say that I'm a DREAMER i say you're a NONBELIEVER.

take out the light; start screaming.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful thing of the day:  Good Charlotte: Good Charlotte.  I figured since I am going to Benji and Joel's stomping ground (DC) next week,  I should give them some spin time.  

Summah Goals:

i for real have done this about six times since being home, but since I am leaving on wednesday at 5 am (which is practically the same thing as tomorrow night, which is practically today) I decicded to do a last glance/updated version.

-Don't buy ANY clothes.  Just look though everything i already have if i get an urge to shop.
-Buy jewelry off e bay, it's flier and cheeper, and only like 3 pieces tops.
-don't eat out at all.  Once a month if it's a special like roomie thing or something.  but for real, thats tops.
-Read instead of going on line to stare at things.
-but books used off amazon.  They are like a penny.  no lie.
-Do an art project (poem, alphabook, painting, song...) a week.  At least every two weeks.
-keep up on my long term projects (art journal, ect...)
-use sundays to read the scriptures, read books, and write missionaries. ( i cant say "the boys" anymore thanks to christine :D)
-Temple every other saturdays at least.
-read the BOM every night (at least a chapter)
-Go to DI and only buy things i REALLY need.  Things I'm excited enough about i want to wear them home, and books i would really read and value in life.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


After reconsidering, I think I might have found new hair inspiration.


The beautiful thing of the day is in some ways conference, but since that is kind of differently beautiful to each person, so I though I would also pick another beautiful thing of the day, and it is SKYLINES.
I have always been drawn to skylines and the millions of secrets and untold stories they hide.

On another plane of life, I leave in 3 days!   But we re leaving really early on wednesdya (like 5 am) so it's really like two days.  Tomorrow is final packing day, and tuesday is achievment, which means that I'm going to be super busy and the time is going to fly!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


What a Jem Stone.

RIP baby.

I have decided to start recognizing a beautiful thing of the day each day. today's is going to be Heathcliff Andrew Ledger.


Today was day one of conference weekend, heath leadger's birthday, and also the day we had the missionaries over for dinner.  If tragedies come in threes, I guess good things must also.
My mom made this steak that was fried in butter and seasons with really nice sea salt and freash pepper.  It had this horse-radish/mustard sauce that went over it.   I guess it was really good because they are it all.  We made a really nice spinatch salad and taters too.   Those were delish--even the potatoes!  I guess Idaho had changed more than my character.
We had birthday cake for dessert in honor or Heath, and the missionaries talked to us about preach my gospel,  but I'm pretty sure they called it P my G while there were deciding while message to give us.

Another great day in the heartland.

p.s. i use to have this a knights tale poster, and not it's no where to be found.  I hope it shows up and i hope even more i didn't throw it away... :( 

Friday, April 3, 2009


Tonight I had my primary class over for a chihuahua party--we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and got to hold my Chihuahuas!  So presh.  After the movie we went in the hot tub and put on peejays and just kind of talked and watched the beginning of the movie again because some girls got there late.  It was really fun, but I wish I had though to take some pictures with the girls!  They are all so funny and sweet.  I'm just not a photographer at heart i guess--or really at all--so things like that don't occur to me until after the matter... I did take a pretty fly picture of a red bull can once though.
I ate enough junk food and sugar tonight to go into hibernation... or a diabetic coma, which ever happens first.  Seriously, I need to just cut junk food out of my diet, because once i start i can't stop...  I had cut it out for about a month and it really wasn't even too hard.... but then parties and special occasions came up, and you know how that goes.

5 days

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yes Quinn, I know I write in my blog multiple times a day.
As I stated earlier, some time today was spent looking for hair inspiration, which led to the discovery of a picture i really liked, which lead to the discovery of some of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen.  Who knews blogs could ever BE beautiful?  (with the exception of leah's of course)  
It all started withgreedy girl, and eventually wound it's way down through a cup of jo, to this precious couple's blog.  Just the idea of a couple's blog seems... adorably ridiculous.
P.S.  They are LDS.

I honestly think it's the times I am trying the hardest to stop using the internet that I find out it actually has a beneficial side.  Go figure.  I think A.R.T is just something we can all learn from sometimes.


I have decided this is my hair goal; the only exception being I do not plan on going B L O N D E.  Not that there is anything wrong with blondes, I actually quite like blonde hair.  (I think i could even be a great blonde, due to my green eyes, pale skin, and inability to tan.)  It's really just that my hair is finally getting healthy, and i wish to keep it that way--I have given up dying it.  I figured after eight years of getting chemically altered every two to three months, I would probably want a break too.
I love the bangs and little/no layering combo.  I think it could be exactly what I've always wanted from my hair...  There is the whole curls dilemma, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.


Cleaning my room is an endless task, when married with with packing,  last hours that turn into days and bleed into weeks... Nothing is going to get my down though because I get to go back to Idaho in 6 days and have lots of good things between here and there.
-April 3rd (manyana) is my class party with my primary girls :)
-April 4th is not only Heath Ledger's (ex)birthday, and when we have the missionaries, but also is the kick off for conference!
-April 5th is conference round two
-April 6th is final pack, clean, and organize day
-April 7th is my lesson on journaling for Achievement
-April 8th I bounce.

I have a ridiculous amount of stuff, but the problem is i really love it and a lot of it I have collected from other people and other times in my life.  People call me  a pack rat, and it might be true, but I don't take stuff just to have stuff.  I like it because it reminds me of my friends and my history and all the places I have been and there people who went there with me.  I have clothes from friends, pictures of relatives I've never met, papers from elementary school--cleaning has really been more of a trip into my memory, to all the places I have loved and hated.  To all the places that made me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I did a lot better today not using technology, other than my cell phone which I don't think I could ever really ween myself off.  It's too easy and in all honesty--too convenient.  Nevertheless it is still goal of mine to ween myself off technology for the summer and to instead use that time to: read, do art, study the scriptures, go to the park, play guitar, write songs, ect.  Obviously I am going to have to use my computer for music, school work, and things that are crucial like e mail.  I will also probably keep up with my blog and dream blog, but other than that i really don't think it's necessary, except maybe the occasional viewing of a favorite music video

Today I cleaned, worked on a project, and watched some Rob and Big, but get this.  I READ while I  was cooking dinner!   I'll be one of those nerds that constantly has a book in their hand and their nose in a book in no time.
Today's book is still eat, pray, love.  I still love it.


I was reading more in eat, pray, love today while i was loading the dish washer, and Liz was talking about writing in her most private notebook she uses when she is having a really hard time.  I had an idea that I think is pretty neat and I wanted to get some feedback on.  Sometimes I get so excited about ideas that i can't really judge them very well.  I told amy and kaitlin right away so it's probably not worth even writing here, but i know some other people read this from time to time. 

I think it would be cool to all get a notebook that we can write all our heart ache in and pain and hard things from summer 09.  Nothing too personal or too deep so that it won't be sad to loose it, because I think on the last day we are all still in town we should get together and have a bon fire and burn it all.
get rid of it.
and move on. 

I know that life takes care of things like this on it's own, but I've always liked concrete things to symbolize progress and help me have a concrete memory.



-spontaneity like Rob and Big
-Glamor like America's Next Top Model
-Adventures like Penn and Jake
-Love like Friends (the TV show)
-Faith like Nephi
-commitment to school like my mom in High School