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Friday, April 3, 2009


Tonight I had my primary class over for a chihuahua party--we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and got to hold my Chihuahuas!  So presh.  After the movie we went in the hot tub and put on peejays and just kind of talked and watched the beginning of the movie again because some girls got there late.  It was really fun, but I wish I had though to take some pictures with the girls!  They are all so funny and sweet.  I'm just not a photographer at heart i guess--or really at all--so things like that don't occur to me until after the matter... I did take a pretty fly picture of a red bull can once though.
I ate enough junk food and sugar tonight to go into hibernation... or a diabetic coma, which ever happens first.  Seriously, I need to just cut junk food out of my diet, because once i start i can't stop...  I had cut it out for about a month and it really wasn't even too hard.... but then parties and special occasions came up, and you know how that goes.

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Amy Doll said...

Your primary girls are so cute.