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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today was day one of conference weekend, heath leadger's birthday, and also the day we had the missionaries over for dinner.  If tragedies come in threes, I guess good things must also.
My mom made this steak that was fried in butter and seasons with really nice sea salt and freash pepper.  It had this horse-radish/mustard sauce that went over it.   I guess it was really good because they are it all.  We made a really nice spinatch salad and taters too.   Those were delish--even the potatoes!  I guess Idaho had changed more than my character.
We had birthday cake for dessert in honor or Heath, and the missionaries talked to us about preach my gospel,  but I'm pretty sure they called it P my G while there were deciding while message to give us.

Another great day in the heartland.

p.s. i use to have this a knights tale poster, and not it's no where to be found.  I hope it shows up and i hope even more i didn't throw it away... :( 


Amy Doll said...

GC, missionaries, and Heath!
You are a lucky girl.

Taffrine! said...

i knoooow :)
i am soooo blessed today.
and tomorrow i get GC round DOS!
and then i get to go back to idaho!?
i am totally having the best week EVER.

christineleigh said...

I got a letter from one of my missionary friends and they told me to make sure I study and really know PMG before I come out because it helps so much and I was thinking "PMG...what the...?" and then it hit me. Preach My Gospel.