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Monday, April 12, 2010


While looking through some old folders on my desktop of pictures and poems and school work I found a folder FULL of art i have found online and liked,  I think when i get more settled I will start painting again and I think these might be my inspiration:

On another ART RELATED thread:  My classes for my euro-trip started today.  It's like art boot camp, but it's really interesting and it is getting me super excited about the trip.
One of the classes I am doing is an independent study where we make up our own research project to do.  We have to do research before we leave, then spend time looking for the thing we researched while we are in europe, then when we get home we make a portfolio or write a paper or compile it all somehow.  I think I might do how religion influences religious architecture in different countries.
For another class we have to make a bucket list (already have one) for our trip and then research 30 specific pieces of art and write a one page paper about them,  when we find them we do a little response and  make it all into a journal.  We also have to fine 15 pieces there that MOVE us and those we research when we get home.  All of this goes into our journal too.  I am super excited, but I think it might be a lot of work so  I will probably be in the l.i.b. all day tomorrow.

I know I am not as artistically inclined as a lot of my friends, and that I really don't now much about art from a statistical point of view, but I do know that art can MOVE people, and create though and change.  The world needs more leaders and less followers.  

I don't know, I guess there is balance in blazing a trail and being difficult, but it's the trial and error that shape us and make us.

Euroclasses: day one.

Today I started my euro trip classes.  I really am excited, even though it's all kind of a little overwhelming.  I will be in EUROPE in two weeks!

I could not sleep last night, at all.  I spent some time stumbling and thinking, but all in all I just laid in bed and waited for sleep to come... it never did.

This is one 
of the treasures I found while stumbling.  It reminds me of dreams and magnetic poetry:

1.)  My mom is sending me her nice camera so I can take it to Europe with me.  I am very excited, mostly because lately I have been having a lot of ideas about 
photography and different pictures I could take

2.)  I thought I had lost all of my paintings in the process of moving, but I found them im a remote corner of a discrete box.  True, I was mostly sad about loosing the canvases--the paintings aren't that great--but it's still nice to have them back.

Here is some inspiration for long locks, lovely looks, and life: