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Sunday, March 29, 2009


-running into the missionaries in the library
-getting to teach with them even though they are not the ones from my ward.
-teaching lessons in primary about missions.
-using my pictures of max an dal pal for visual aids and getting asked more questions about them then about the lesson.
-Kennedy trying to mouth questions during primary and getting upset when i can never get the last word.
-getting to teach the achievement lesson this week
-being close enough to leaving for school that i can start a legit countdown.
-answers to prayers
-book to read
-Amber actually listening to my primary lessons, no matter how scatterbrained they are
-health, home, happiness
-friends on missions, even if they don't write me much
-writing them all the time anyways.  Something epic always happens like the day after i write max, without fail.
-new music
-fresh lit
-clear mind
-CONFERENCE coming up
-nights at home with the dogs
-frozen nutty buddies, and everything they remind me of
-uggs, sweats, and crazy hair
-water bottles to boot
-urban dictionary
-FOUND magazine
-Post secret
-art journals
-scripture study
-friends posting talks on my blog
-internets and technology making it easy to keep up with friends all across america, and the United States Postal Service making it easy to keep up with the ones who can't use technology.
-forever stamps, once again.