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Sunday, March 8, 2009


I will be on my way back out west in 33 days, 20 hours, and approximately 30 minutes.  I miss the mountains, and the sunsets, and the people.  I think the thing I miss most about Idaho is the atmosphere it has.  I miss the spirit of ricks.   This summer is going to be a lot different than last summer, but I also know it will be a good one.  I'll miss Max and Dallin and Taylor, but I know they are where they need to be.  
I think this is going to be a summer of changes, in a completely different way that summer 08, but just as epic.   I'm going to really try and not be home except to sleep and eat, and spend as much time as i can out side, in the library, and working out.  I need to make summer 09 count ever more than summer 08.

I think it should be "choose your own adventure"  like Iowa state, and those games.  That seems to fit.

Summer 08: Make it count.
Fall 08: It was great, but it could have been epic. 
       It was actually pretty epic, well a few days were at least.
Summer 09:  ???

Here are my GOALS for summer 09:
Get my grades up:  I would really love to get a 4.0, but since I've never done that in my life, i will set a 3.5 as acceptable, but bottom of the barrel.
Go to Devotional every week: I've learned, especially lately, that if you put in even the tiniest bit of effort, the lord will make it rain (blessing wise) on you.  Example:  I went to institute for the first time in a few weeks this past week, and on the way home I really wanted some ho chocolate.  I went to Kwik Trip and tried to get it but the machine was not working.  Because I "had trouble with the machine" the girl behind the counter gave it to me for free.  Coincidence?  I don't believe in Coincidences.
Don't skip any classes:  Seriously, just go skate after class.  It's like 2 hours wait.
Don't skip church, or even "just go to sacrament" unless I'm deathly Ill: Nuff' said.
Stop sipping haterade: This has been one of my goals for about a year, but its HARD.  Especially when people I'm around a lot complain and talk negatively about people they know.  I never want to call them on it because I hate the feeling when someone calls you out...  I'm going to try really hard this summer though, and friends, please keep your haterade off me.
Write a poem/song/piece a week
Always have an art project
Be one of those people that is ALWAYS reading a book
Scripture Study

Here are the PLAGUES of summer 09:
Breaking Curfew
Skipping Class, Devotional, Church, Relief Society, Prayer
Wasting energy, tears, and time on people that aren't worth it
Putting myself first
Wasting Money

I am so excited for summer 09.  I am excited to be back in La Jolla, I am excited to be back with Amy and Beki and Makana.  I am excited to be living with Kaitlin.  I am excited about super sketch, half baked plans of going to California, to Arizona to visit Monica, and to Portland to see Maria.  I am excited for my classes--hopping I get the ones i want.  I am excited to see what this summer holds for me.  I think the thing i am most excited for though, is to continue to see how missionary life changes Max, Dallin, and Taylor.


At last!  Life has been craaaazy lately:  work, pets, cleaning, thinking about starting to pack, figuring out how I'm getting to Idaho, letters from missionaries, letters to missionaries, more letters from missionaries, more letters to missionaries, church callings, church events, eat, sleep, breath.... life moves so fast sometime. I absolutely love it.  It;s like being part of some awesome movie or book. 
I'll be back out in Idaho in just over a month!!  Balling.  
Another sunday has come, and I find myself, once again,  loving it.   We got a new missionary, Elder Webster I think.  He has a stopwatch/combination lock looking thing dangling from his backpack and looks like a kid I use to work with at Panera.  We have had at least 4 missionaries in a row from Idaho.  Sacrament meeting was really good today, even though i was really sleepy.  Sunday school was on prayer and was also really good, and relief society was on leadership, and was...good, go figure.  Even with day light saving's robbing me from an hour of sleep, this was a over all great sunday.

This week I am thankful for....

Letters from Elder Dallin Weeks.
Movie nights with my parents.
Coming out of church to a parking lot of swirling snow
Propel Fitness Drink
Hair growing out
Squaw Bands
My new Gratitude Journal, complete with QUOTES!
Berts Bees Lip Chap
Baby Oil and lotion
Missionary Sunday School