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Friday, January 30, 2009


The more I work in kindergarten rooms, and the more I read about crazy people, and the less I sleep at night the crazier I feel.
No wonder little kids get distracted so easily.  The walls in their class rooms are covered--cieling to floor--with what can only be called crap: pictures, calendars, posters, paintings, steamers, letters, numbers, number lines, animals, shapes, words, art work, fabric, and bulletin boards for hanging even more crap.  
Sure it's good to stimulate their minds, but there is such a thing as over stimulation; which has been knows to lead to seizures, fits, and even death.
Working with kids has made part of me really excited about having a family one day; however, it makes the other part of my want to get my ovaries surgicly removed so I neved have to run that risk.