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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life Plan.

My mother dearest once told me it’s a good idea to make a life plan for yourself and then readjust it as people come into it.  She said it’s important to keep your options open if things come up, but it’s also important to have a plan and a timeline you are living by.  After having the opportunity to go to Europe and get a taste of traveling, I have made some changes to my life plan and this is what it now consist of:


-Serve a mission


-Work for an orphanage in India

-Work for an animal orphanage in Costa Rica or Australia

-graduate school in France or England

Monday, May 24, 2010

Usually I would be offended...

If a celebrity look-a-like generator told me I looked like a BOY!  But, since it was Conor Oberst, I can deal.

Good News.

In the past 24 hours I discovered two WONDERFUL facts:
-They are making Eat Pray Love into a movie, featuring James Franco.
-They are making the Perks of being a Wallflower into a movie.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love.

These past two semesters have been kind of hard for me--mostly because of my own stupidness or faith in unstable people.  woof.  However, something good always comes with the rain: I learned a LOT though these past few months, and it all kind of set me up to really appreciate and LOVE my dream trip to europe. bonus.

In a lot of ways, this trip has been my own version of eat pray love
 I ate--oh, i ate:  Pastries, carbs, pizza, gilatto, more carbs... and nutella on it all!  I loved and felt loved; I prayed and had just about every prayer I sent up to heaven in the last year returned, answered.

The truth is simply: I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world, Heavenly Father created for me :)
And I am very thankful I got an opportunity to see a little bit more of it.

There are going to be a LOT of changes in my life in the next year. (12 month year--not calendar.)

1. my two bffls are getting married to their soul mates for time and all eternity on the exact same day!!
2.  My baller of a big sister will return from her mission
3. Tons of my guy friends from freshman year will also be returning from their missions.
4. I will put in my mision papers and hopefully enter the field.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

When you are impatient...

This seems like a really cute, easy, and fun solution to waiting for hair to grow out....

I gotta be strong, because I know ultimately I want this more:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Party in the USA

home from europe:  not happy.

After 21 days in a dreamlike state, I finally am back home in America.  I have been home for just over 24 hours now, and part of me feels like i never even left--and the rest feels like I will wake up tomorrow and be in some new country and going to some cathedral or on a walking tour of some ancient civilization's ruins...  
I bet coming home from a mission has got to be one of the weirdest things ever.
I knew from the moment we touched down in London that something inside me was about to change, but I couldn't have guessed how big it would be or even fathom half of the prayers that were answered on this trip or any of the impressons that came to me.

Nie wieder

Finding intranetz while in Europa was actually a lot harder than I though which resulted in terrible upkeep with my blog, but a fabulash journal and lots of great pictures.

Our teachers took us to the Eiffle tower our first day in Paris, a bunch of us loved it so much we went back out last night.  It is massively enormous and at night it lights up!
We tried to go to the top of it the first time there as a group, and waited in line for over an hour and a half, only to discover that we didn't have the right kind of tickets.  I though it was funny--others were not so amused.
I had originally brought my fripod ti listen to "Soco amaretto lime" on the tippy top but since that didn't work out I sat across the plaza and watched the lights.  Under those new lights and the same old moon I realized that there was a LOT more out there for me in the world and that it was time to finally let go of ties that lead to heartache, bridges that should just be burned, and people that didn't help me be a better person.  This is my life and I will never again let myself feel like it is going on around me and I am just sitting still waiting for my chance to join in.  I've got the reigns now.

The last night in Paris--when we went back-- I brought fripod again and listened to the same old songs that make me feel infinite.  The eiffle tower stood before me as my only friend that night and i couldn't have been happier.  For those few moments nothing else mattered except the fact that I was on a great journey and I was doing something that I knew was going to change my life forever and give me a glimps of all the wonders that this world still has in store for me.

Other high pointa in France included watching a mass in Notre Dame, Chartres, Church in Paris, and the Louvre.