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Monday, March 9, 2009


Today i worked at Jefferson again with the Autistic program.  It is always such a neat expierence working with those kids.  I worked with Reese and Seth today.  They are really funny, even if they loose it sometimes.
We had the over missionaries for dinner tonight, except with all three of us working full time, we had to take them out, so we went to Cici's Pizza Buffet!   It was good, and it's always fun to see them and hear about the missionary work in the ward and city.  
Tomorrow I work at Bamber Valley,  I guess that Ban from last winter got lifted.... About time, honestly, solitaire on down time should be the least of their concerns.  no one has ever cared how I use down time this year: reading, coloring, drawing, writing in my journal, writing letters to my friends on missions... etc.
I think I found my new project.  We'll one of several I need to work on more.  Thanks big sister!  
I am still so excited to get back out to Idaho.  I love being home, and this winter has been so much more fruitful then last winter was for me, but I am still super stoked to get back out west.  I can't believe it's already almost time to make another pilgrimage!  I never realized how far it was to Idaho (or how north Idaho is) until I drove it myself this past time I went out for fall.  I think it's kind of nice though, makes it feel more like im on my own and away from my home and puts more of a fire under me to be mature and responsible... Or at least try to.