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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tomorrow starts lent, for those religions who partake.  I don't know much about lent, I've never done it, but I figure there is never anything bad about learning self control or reaching goals we set for ourselves.  

So, this being said: for 40 days I vow to give up Facebook, sugar, online computer games, and anything else that is a time suck or an enamel destroyer.  Healthy body; healthy brain.
scouts honor.

Also, on this same brain-wave, since I am not someone who typically celebrates Lent,  I'm going to add to the no-go list a list of things I want to establish habitual behavior in during the next 40 days.
-Write a poem a week.
-reading for lesiure
-reading the BOM
-practicing guitar
-working on songs



I love Pinkerton so much.  Last night she slept in my bed and cuddled with me all night.  Charlotte is precious too, but Pinkerton is the most presh.

Today I worked for TAP again.  It was fun, but it got kind of long because there really wasn't all that much for me to do so I kind of had a lot of down time and didn't have a book to read.  The kids there are all really nice, I helped a boy names Kelvin make some easy mac, and another boy named Brandon type up a list on the computer.  Then I took Gordon and Tony to clean the break rooms and computer labs.   I felt like such a princess because all i was suppose to do was tell hem what to do and when they were done tell them to do something else.

Lately there has been much to be happy with: double letters from Maximilian, fresh lit, time for art projects, cuddle time with the huas, sundays not filled with homework, warmer weather, snowfall, bubbles, Flabby Cat, unlimited nap time, public library trips, time to do my own thing, FHE...  As you can tell I've made winter 09 much better than winter 08.  Even though there are countless blessing I et to partake of every day, there are still things going on that are tragic dissapointments.  Example one:  Chris Brown.  Now that I know he beats women, he's not even as cute as he use to be.  For real, a boy at TAP was watching a Chris Brown video today, and it just.... lost it's appeal.
Another thing that I've been missing lately is devotional.  I had gotten use to it being a part of my weekly routine.  I think I can listen to them online though, and maybe even stream the ones from big b.