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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tomorrow starts lent, for those religions who partake.  I don't know much about lent, I've never done it, but I figure there is never anything bad about learning self control or reaching goals we set for ourselves.  

So, this being said: for 40 days I vow to give up Facebook, sugar, online computer games, and anything else that is a time suck or an enamel destroyer.  Healthy body; healthy brain.
scouts honor.

Also, on this same brain-wave, since I am not someone who typically celebrates Lent,  I'm going to add to the no-go list a list of things I want to establish habitual behavior in during the next 40 days.
-Write a poem a week.
-reading for lesiure
-reading the BOM
-practicing guitar
-working on songs


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