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Monday, March 30, 2009


Who could sleep at a time like this?!



Late night conversations with good friends (yosaychelle) inspire many things, including this: A Grab Bag of all things hoped for in Summer 09.

I discovered the art of Peter Max and Banksy while I have been home this winter, and their art has inspired me to take the extra step and try to make a difference this summer.  Maybe I'll finally do the things I want to do.  
All I know for sure is that I plan on spending this summer h.a.p.p.y.

I hope that everyone finds all they are looking for this summer, and can be the right instruments in the lives that need them.
I wish i could write like Charlie in The Perks of being a wall flower, because I feel like that's how I think most of the time.  I have no grace in language though so most of it never gets transfered to paper properly, which is why there are other forms of art and expression.

I remember writing in the boy's yearbook who sat behind me in history in tenth grade.  I can't remember his name, and I barely even knew him at the time, but as I wrote I saw the words "I hope you get everything you want to out of life because you deserve it" coming together on the page into a neat sentence.  What's even weirder is that I knew i mean it.
I hope summer is like that, I hope that even if I don't know why I am doing something I hope I can still know that I mean it and that it's the truth.

Hope guides me.


9 days until I leave.  This week finds we working in Dad's store, working to pay off a speeding ticket and working to earn some spare change for traveling to DC because apparently it's officially a go.
This winter has been wild, but the past six months have been even more so.
-said bye to some of my best friends for two years
-gotten rabies treatment
-been attacked by my cat
-gotten my first speeding ticket
-been left home alone for the first time
-met one of the best friends i've ever had
-lived in a house at college
-decided i like apartments better
-jumped my car
-driven from Idaho to Utah
-helped the missionaries teach an investigator
-lost one of my best friends to death
-gained a new friend into the family
-had several prayers answered
-learned the importance of daily prayer and scripture study on a new level
-learned the power of fasting
-come to terms with a lot of things
-had a sister called on a mission
-have 2 epic weekends in rexburg
-only broken curfew twice (and one was worth it)
-learned to shoot an airsoft gun
-learned I am terrified of guns
-learned to knifty knit
-started reading again
-learned how to find some beauty in each day and in all things

I am so excited to get back out to school, and especially for the opportunity that my family has to go on one last family vacation before Christine leaves on her mission.  Summer 09, we are going to tear it up!