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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holy matrimony and war.

When I leave here, my college career is definitely going to be marked by the summers.  When else will i get to go from this...

to this 
in one day!?

Today was the bridal shower for my good friend Saychelle, it was the first one I have been to for a friend and it's kind of weird knowing that all my friends are starting to get married!
Saychelle is so great and i am so glad she found her eternal roommate.
She was half of my band last summer.
She was the first person to make me really realize i need to stand up for myself.
and She is fab fab FAB!

After that I came home and prepared for the city wide water fight my friend ford orchestrated.  Red v. Blue; East v. West.

Lately I have been super anxious again about friends and my short comings and my flaws and all those bad things that get trapped in my head.  Today was good.  It showed me i do have friends that care about me and that I am not boring.