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Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful thing of the day:  Good Charlotte: Good Charlotte.  I figured since I am going to Benji and Joel's stomping ground (DC) next week,  I should give them some spin time.  

Summah Goals:

i for real have done this about six times since being home, but since I am leaving on wednesday at 5 am (which is practically the same thing as tomorrow night, which is practically today) I decicded to do a last glance/updated version.

-Don't buy ANY clothes.  Just look though everything i already have if i get an urge to shop.
-Buy jewelry off e bay, it's flier and cheeper, and only like 3 pieces tops.
-don't eat out at all.  Once a month if it's a special like roomie thing or something.  but for real, thats tops.
-Read instead of going on line to stare at things.
-but books used off amazon.  They are like a penny.  no lie.
-Do an art project (poem, alphabook, painting, song...) a week.  At least every two weeks.
-keep up on my long term projects (art journal, ect...)
-use sundays to read the scriptures, read books, and write missionaries. ( i cant say "the boys" anymore thanks to christine :D)
-Temple every other saturdays at least.
-read the BOM every night (at least a chapter)
-Go to DI and only buy things i REALLY need.  Things I'm excited enough about i want to wear them home, and books i would really read and value in life.