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Friday, February 27, 2009


I think I have to up the anti to no internet in all forms except checking subfinder and e-mail and other things that are crucial--really crucial--to my existence.  And checking blogs.
Also, having been a vegan and knowing the frustration associated with reading labels, no sugar in the obvious form of candy and desserts should do.  While in at this, no chips or junk food in general either.


Thursday, February 26, 2009


when you live in MN, nice weather and no snow on the ground=snowday!  I guess even rumors of snow are enough to get a day off of school now.  Anyway, today pretty much has just turned into a  jam-fest with Stinkerton.  So far I have learned The First day of my life, 7 things, and I can tell that we are going to be friends--or whatever it's called.
Summer 09' get ready for some bonfires and music.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tomorrow starts lent, for those religions who partake.  I don't know much about lent, I've never done it, but I figure there is never anything bad about learning self control or reaching goals we set for ourselves.  

So, this being said: for 40 days I vow to give up Facebook, sugar, online computer games, and anything else that is a time suck or an enamel destroyer.  Healthy body; healthy brain.
scouts honor.

Also, on this same brain-wave, since I am not someone who typically celebrates Lent,  I'm going to add to the no-go list a list of things I want to establish habitual behavior in during the next 40 days.
-Write a poem a week.
-reading for lesiure
-reading the BOM
-practicing guitar
-working on songs



I love Pinkerton so much.  Last night she slept in my bed and cuddled with me all night.  Charlotte is precious too, but Pinkerton is the most presh.

Today I worked for TAP again.  It was fun, but it got kind of long because there really wasn't all that much for me to do so I kind of had a lot of down time and didn't have a book to read.  The kids there are all really nice, I helped a boy names Kelvin make some easy mac, and another boy named Brandon type up a list on the computer.  Then I took Gordon and Tony to clean the break rooms and computer labs.   I felt like such a princess because all i was suppose to do was tell hem what to do and when they were done tell them to do something else.

Lately there has been much to be happy with: double letters from Maximilian, fresh lit, time for art projects, cuddle time with the huas, sundays not filled with homework, warmer weather, snowfall, bubbles, Flabby Cat, unlimited nap time, public library trips, time to do my own thing, FHE...  As you can tell I've made winter 09 much better than winter 08.  Even though there are countless blessing I et to partake of every day, there are still things going on that are tragic dissapointments.  Example one:  Chris Brown.  Now that I know he beats women, he's not even as cute as he use to be.  For real, a boy at TAP was watching a Chris Brown video today, and it just.... lost it's appeal.
Another thing that I've been missing lately is devotional.  I had gotten use to it being a part of my weekly routine.  I think I can listen to them online though, and maybe even stream the ones from big b.


Monday, February 23, 2009


A few weeks ago I got an issue of  the magazine NYLON, but never really looked at it until the other day.  It's actually really neat and lit a fire in my heart for fashion that is usually always there, but gets extinguished by lack of time and laziness.
I've always thought that being a model would be really fun.  When i was about 16 I was at the hair salon with my mom and one of the stylist walked by me and said "Hello!  what's your name?"  so I said "Katie."  Then she said "Katie, have you ever modeled?"  And I said, "No I haven't", then she said "Oh, well you should, because you have a very unique look and could do great."  
Modeling is like the only place I would be one of the sorties.

My mom told me she would teach me to sew while I was home so i could make some clothes for myself and fix up some old thangs.



Minnesota is being so good to me. :)
Why was I so stupid last winter?
Being home is amazing.

I'm so glad I finally learned how to not associate with people who bring me down.


Day Off!

Today I:
slept in till noon.
ate breakfast.
fed the dogs.
haven't changed yet.

I'm about to:
Do an exercise tape.
Shower and get dressed.
Mail a letter.
take the dogs out.

Later I will:
Go to Cici's for dinner.
Clean my room.
Clean Christine's room.
Take the dogs out again.

Tomorrow I go back to work, but I get to work with the TAP program again, which is really fun so I'm excited.
I really love working for the school district.  The teachers are always so nice and helpful and I've never been hassled or anything about being 19 and never having my teachers badge.

I've been watching bridezilla a lot lately, It just seems to come on.  I really hope my head doesn't spin around and my eyes don't go red when I get married.  I really don't think I will, because I don't really have to plan a ceremony or anything because Temple marriages are pretty much by the book I think, but who knows.  Maybe my demons will come out.  

But for real, these girls are completely ridiculous; sometimes i don't see how the grooms don't just say, peace and leave.  I hope I am never that mean to anyone ever in my life. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009


today I am greatful for: 

the spirit of ricks

lady liberty and the country she stands for.

forever stamps




Full time missionaries around the world.

Dogs, namely Chihuahuas.

the united states postal service


Today's highlight:  Phone call from Amy Doll Marie.
Tomorrow's highlight:  Day off!

Maybe I will finally be able to get my room cleaned and clean out Christine's room and get some stuff put in the attic and the trash cans.

My to do list never seems gets any shorter.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I wish my hair grew faaaaaaasteeeeeeeerrr.
But I'm glad it grows at the rate it does.

I don't think I've had long hair since like, first grade.  It's been longish a few times, but never l-o-n-g.  

Winter 09 had been full of its ups, its downs, its cat attacks, its tease of a weather cycle, and rabies shots.  It was depressing at first to be home.  I had like, no one to hang out with, and little to do--between work, church, FHE, institute, callings, nights in bubbles, taxing my mom to and from work, reading, painting, practicing guitar...
I pretty quickly discovered that there was plenty to do and that despite not being in classes, winter 09 was still shaping up to be a crazy semester.


to finish off the best week ever right, I got to go with the missionaries today to teach a girl that is investigating; however, she wasn't home so we didn't get to do anything other than leave a sticky note on her door.
Unfortunately, I bet that sort of thing happens to missionaries all the time.

Me and Kaitlin were going to go to the library and look for a geocache that was hidden there, but she never showed up so I just took a much needed nap and played with the dogs and wrote some e-mails and made sushi.
Still a productive day.

Tomorrow is church, then back to work.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm about to get sick of these numbering posts, but now that I've started I feel trapped.  They looked so cool on Harpers page and photo albums.  

Hello List: The list of people you have to, or want to say "hello" to on a daily basis, especially relevant for students in university buildings, or coworkers in a work place.  Some people might decide to put you on their hello lists, even if they are not on yours; however, reciprocity is typically expected.


Katherine Ann Fleming is having the best week ever!

Starting my week with Saturday, Feb. 14th, this has been the best week of my life, and will continue to be so until tomorrow--friday Feb. 20

SATURDAY the 14th:  Temple Trip.
I spent Valentines day at the temple with the YSA in my area an dinkytown.  It has been years since I have been--true story (unfortunately)--but it was FABULOUUUUS!
SUNDAY the 15th: Church. :)
This is the first time in my life I hav woken up STOKED to go to church, and it was great.
MONDAY the 16th: Presidents Day
Thank you Lincoln, Washington, Bush, and Obama.  No school= No work.
THURSDAY the 17th= Letter From Elder Maximilian Simnitt. :)
nuff said.
WEDNESDAY the 18th: Day off, Institute.
THURSDAY the 19th: Back to work
Work=Money in the Bank.  Scotharoos=parents letting you nap the evening away :)
FRIDAY the 20th: Temple trip round two.
:) :) :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


this has been
the best weekend
to date.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Valentine's Day.
Not your traditional, but still the best one I've ever had.

Friday, February 13, 2009


[: elpmet pirt.


I write the songs.
I write the songs!
You said I'm doin'  it wrong.
you ARE doin' it wrong!!

p-p-p-put your crystals under my pillow...

The unicorns are a treasure--they are one of the most precious gem stone possible; somewhere between rubies and diamonds.
Thank you late night skate videos for introducing them to me, and to Collin James Sandoe for bringing yesterday back around, and helping us make up for lost time.

I love how sayings, or speech patterns in general, spread like wildfire--or a plague--among friends.  I've noticed people having whole conversations with the same inflections and dialect I would use after hanging around them for only a few months.  It's hard to tell who things even came from, what is you, and where you picked other things up from.
It's like how people say "you can't tell where one stops and the next one begins" about ples of kittens or puppies.  Everyone's speech patterns melt into everyone else's and noone is unique anymore.  At least not until you go to a completely new clique, then they are all the same within their own krew.
Spoken word is taken for granted, the human voice is one of the most beautiful and powerful things around, but I think sometimes people take speech for granted. For real.
I guess I'm interested in the obscure, basic things that make up the rest of the world more than other people are, but I still think it's kind of sad how monotone the world is becoming.  Not even monotone.  Just--similar, uniform, controlled....  
Laughs aside, If it it weren't for timbre,   I wouldn't even be able to tell at lest 3 of my friends apart when they are talking if i couldn't see them.
Speech is the main way we communicate with eachother.  how sad is it that it's all becoming one melting pot?

...I'm just saying.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Megaphones over funnels.
What that means to me.

Basically, when you have a problem, you tend to look for the easy way out:  the one solution that will always always always work.  Time in, time out, never let you down.  5+2 will always equal 7.
This is thinking through funnels.

When you expand and look at all the other solutions that could also get you the same, or a similar solution, that is thinking though megaphones.  (1+6, 3+4, 8-1 etc. also all equal 7)

Basically, it's exactly what it sounds like.  Megaphones amplify things and project them much further than they would normally go.   Funnels narrow the travel path of things and force them into places they would never be able to fit--or even try to go-- on their own.

Charlotte got fixed--and got 9 teeth pulled--the other day, and is now recovering.  She is doing well, but it's always scary to have big things happen to such tiny dogs.


If the world's at large why should I remain?

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today I spent at least 7 hours traveling to and attending church and church events.  This coming week is going to be filled with FHE, enrichment, temple trips and it's going to be the very best week ever.
Tomorrow is my last day with the kindergarten classes I have been working with the last week and a half.  I'm bringing them in valentines because both groups decorated valentine bags this past week.

One of the things I got to go to tonight was Standards Night for the Lacrosse branch.  The video they showed us was the cheesiest thing I've ever seen, including American Mall, but it was still really good.
I set three goals for 2009 from The Strength Of youth pamphlet.
They told us to make them public so we are more likely to meet them.
-Education:  Take education seriously and do all I can to gain a proper and full education while I am here on earth.  I would really like to get a 4.0 this summer or at the very least a 3.5; I think I should be able to do that if i try hard and stay on top of things.
-Tithing:  Pay a full tithe. ALWAYS.
-Service:  Do my best to make a difference in someone's life.  Everyday I want to do something up uplift someone else.  Just small things like say hello or smile at people.  Once a week I want to do something bigger for someone.

I just love sundays.

Friday, February 6, 2009


the only think that could have made today better was a letter.
It's friday, i get to go snowboarding, and i get to sleep in tomorrow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I can't find my glasses.
I need to clean my room.
I still haven't heard from Maximilian.
At least I know Dal Pal is getting my letters.

I am going to finish cleaning my room this weekend and next week and maybe even paint it next saturday.


I want a French Bull Dog.
I want to get a black and white bull terrier and name it penguin.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Summer 09 Bucket List.
After a pretty rough and gnasty frosh year, I have decided to stop being so stupid, set some goals, and get over myself.  This semester went a lot better but I know there is still so much I can do better this summer.

-Devotional every week.
-temple at least every three weeks.
-Music Outlet with Saychelle at least once.
-work out  3 days a week
-4.0 (3.5 very minimum)
-do something nice for someone else at least once a week.
-have a great escape at least once a month.  Just me.  maybe once with a friend.
-go to R mountain.
-go to the library between classes.
-get tutors.
-don't eat out.
-don't buy things i don't need, with the exception of art supplies and food i don't really want to buy anything.
-Prayer Rock.
-go for a bike ride every day.
-sunday naps/scripture reading in porter park.
-keep my room clean
-write a poem a week.
-and a song a month.
-say hi to 3 new people a day.
-make time for others in my day.
-get involved.
-go to ward activities.
-hopefully get a calling.
-Look into that internship and hopefully work out a way to do it.
-Eat healthier.
-read the scriptures every night.
-at least never miss more than one night at a time.
-get into the habit of morning prayers.
-read lots of good books and talks and church leader books.
-get into art: painting, drawing, everything.
-start reading poetry.
-spend at least one afternoon a week in the library browsing.... make it thursdays.
-Read my PB every sunday.
-care packages.
-WRITE home.

Im sure there will be more to come.


Institute was canceled tonight.  Grace called me to let me know, and told me about some upcoming activities.  What a peach. 
Still haven't heard from maximilian.
still havent...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today was the first night i worked with the achievement girls.  It was really fun, I like tweens.  Believe it.  
We made name tags and decorated cookies.  We just kind of got to know each-other this week.  The ladies I work with are so nice and sweet. 
 I'm really glad i got a calling that isn't nursery while I am home.
Next time we meet there will be games and snacks and good times all around.
It's only every other week, so thats nice.  I already had so skip out on a YSA activity tonight because of Achievement.
Ima go to institute tomorrow though, and hopefully FHE next week.  
If i can figure out when and where it meets.

Pinkerton and Charlotte are cuddling on the couch next to me.  So presh, and flabby is yowling because she wants food.  


Baby hippos, among many other baby animals, (with the exception of humans) are the most presh.
Although they could break you like a glowstick when they grow up, they are absoutly adorable when they are itty-bitty.
To make them even more perfect there is such thing as a pygmy hippopotamus.
I think this is a straight up hippo, but it's still precious. 

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Something about space and planets has always been very interesting to me.  I use to love going to the planetarium  more than anything in elementary school.  To night as I was driving home from Kaitlin's at about midnight, I noticed the moon was very low in the sky, and very orange.  I drove out a bit into the country and looked at it for a while.
Then I headed home and had the urge to look up into the sky again.  I leaned in over my steering wheel, and my eyes instantly found a shooting star.  I wished on it.  I felt it was there for me.
I could have sworn I even heard the star whizz by me.
I drove home and around my side of town for about 30 minutes trying to find a place I could see the moon from but I couldn't get high enough.
I just really love space and night--borderline morning.
I fell like part of me goes to sleep and the essence of me can come out.  I always feel more at peace late at night that I do during the day.  maybe thats why I am such a night owl.  I wrote a huge journal entry about it once.  I said I felt like after my brain and body shut down, I was left with my only my spirit awake.

That probably seems really weird to a lot of people, because I tend to think in a very metaphoric way and at a very rapidly pace, so it's hard for me to hold on to a thought long enough to put it in terms other people can understand.
Maybe thats why I like Bright Eyes so much.  I feel like he writes the way I think.

I miss Idaho, Amy Doll, Porter Park, Maximilian, and Summer Nights.
Pretty much everything I do, see, or expierence reminds me of one of the above.
I love Pinkerton, and church, and Kaitlin and my family.
I am lucky to have two cities, so far away, and that I can call both Home.
I'm glad I got to go away for college.
I'm glad I finally decided to get over myself and grow up.
And I'm happy that summer 08 happened the way it did, even though I was not happy through most of it.


So, I'm just at home. alone. waiting for the girl who watched Pinkerton this weekend to bring her back.  so i wont be alone.  I have charlotte and oliver but it's not the same...
She's 20 minutes late.  Maybe I am a paranoid person...
I was late to church today....whoops.
I got my calling.  
I missed my stastaining. 
(sorry I don't know how to spell it... I can't say it either.)
Kristen Welker however was kind enough to tell me i got a calling though after Sacrament meeting was done.  I did already know becuase my father, the bishop of the 5th ward, had told me about it and told me to be on time to get stastained.
I went to sunday school with the missionaries.  We learned about agency and the lords plan for us.
My mom found the GC Ensign for me, and I started reading it today.  

The people who have stinky just called and are going to being her by soon--I have been touched by an angel.

I think I'm going to start painting while I am home and work on poetry and guitar and everything.  
It's not seasonal depression, it's more like locational.
I miss Idaho, I miss having friends, I miss the spirit of ricks.

I hope I don't marry someone who needs to be away from home a lot, because I don't know how well I could handle that.  I do know that if he does I'm going to need a lot of dogs.
It's mostly being home alone with nothing to do that drives me crazy.  I've gotten a lot lot lot better at being alone, it's just having down time that I still can't seem to handle.  I need rules and guidelines and due dates and projects.
I need to have something to do.