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Monday, February 23, 2009


A few weeks ago I got an issue of  the magazine NYLON, but never really looked at it until the other day.  It's actually really neat and lit a fire in my heart for fashion that is usually always there, but gets extinguished by lack of time and laziness.
I've always thought that being a model would be really fun.  When i was about 16 I was at the hair salon with my mom and one of the stylist walked by me and said "Hello!  what's your name?"  so I said "Katie."  Then she said "Katie, have you ever modeled?"  And I said, "No I haven't", then she said "Oh, well you should, because you have a very unique look and could do great."  
Modeling is like the only place I would be one of the sorties.

My mom told me she would teach me to sew while I was home so i could make some clothes for myself and fix up some old thangs.


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Courtney said...

americas next top model! go for it! i could watch you on tv!!!