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Thursday, December 17, 2009

the end is in sight...

This semester has gone faster than any other one, and I feel like it's conclusion is way longer, more stressful, and crazier than semesters past.  I am also surprised how quickly it came up considering how eager I am for the next two semesters to be here.
I technically could be done with school now, but there is an optional advertising final tomorrow morning and I am going to take it and see if i can squeeze out a B+.  That is at 7:30 in the morning.  Kill me.  But I know that i should do it.

I think this is going to be the closest I have ever been to my goal of 4.0!

Monday, December 14, 2009


tech deck+candy+toy dog+FUN t-shirt=great day.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

8 days

Until I fly home.  I know this because I made a count down and taped it to my laptop.  I can't believe this semester went so fast.  I also can't believe that I am coming back winter, and going to europe next summer.  2010 is going to be great.
On a completely unrelated note,  I got an A in public relations as my final grade!  Also, my presentation group got the highest score in the entire class!  96%!  On  monday my advertising group will present out pitch to Bella Coolla Pizza.  I'm actually kind of excited about it.
All I have to do this weekend, is write up my oral presentation for poetry, make some visuals for the ad. presentation, study for my world religion final, and make some flash cards for the ad. final.  Considering the list I was lookin' at last weekend, this will be  a cake walk.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


My brain is so scrambled, I think if i turned my head over it would all run out my ear.

Finals week always means I am runnin' on little to no sleep, which leaves me giddy and silly and kind of irritable.

Today was a lot better than this weekend, I was totally wigging out on sunday.



Thanks to my bffl, I discovered the show GLEE.  Thanks to finals I have had the opportunity to watch it a lot lately.  They have an episode, in some sense, dedicated to hair.  Well HAIROGRAPHY, which is essentially flashy hair and sass.  Because of this I have decided to dedicate an entry to my hair goals, especially since my bestie just gave me a new one.

Monday, December 7, 2009

little letters

I found this blog called rockstar diaries last winter when I was home. It is still one of my faves. today her post was titles "Little Letters" so i decided to do my own...

Dear finals,
please don't kill me

Dear Minnesota,
I can't wait to see you again! Only 13 more days :)

Dear text books, pens, and notebooks,
This semester has been good. thanks for studying with me every day!

Dear jacket, pea coat, mittens, and scarf,
Thank you so much for keeping my snugglie warm while walking through wind and snow to class each day.

Dear Library,
Thank you for always having working internet and desks to lay your head on and take a nap.

Dear Rubik's cube,
That you for coming back into my life.

Dear television,
Thank you for broadcasting Glee and the Disney channel so I have things to watch while I make flash cards.

Dear road map I used as a visual for P.R,
You look so good. I can't wait to give my Public Relations presentation just so I can show you off.

Dear Lakewood Colorado,
Thank you for being the dot on the map I choose to be you when i could not remember which one you actually were.

Dear roommate who put the thermostat on
please refrain from doing so in the future.
I do not like to like in a sauna.

Dear Pinky,
You are such a trooper. Not even the bitter cold weather gets you down. you turn over and start up every time I need you.

Dear Baby Backpack,
I promise I will patch you before winter semester starts.
Thank you for holding up for this long.

Dear Winter 2010,
Please hurry!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009



she keeps me grounded


I really hope this doesn't kill me:

-oral report
-take home final
Public Relations
-Group Project
-flip charts, graphs, and maps
-Group Project
-press release
-storyboards, advertisements, collaboration
-Final Exam
World Religions
-Final Exam
-Persuasive Speech
-Impromptu Speech

will someone please tell me how I am supposed to do this all in two weeks?!

If I don't make it through the end of this semester I leave Pinkerton to my mom, my art supplies to Amy doll, and all of my books to Christine.

Monday, November 30, 2009


okay, so you know how sometimes the computers in the library get locked out? And you can't log in without unlocking it or having some secret code or something?

Well since I have been here (a period of about 20 minutes) I have watched 4, no 5 people try to log onto this one computer and not be able to.

But hey, I tried logging onto it too and it didn't work so i moved back a row and right into perfect view of this phenomenon.

Now it's been 6 people.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I love sundays.  I especially loved this one for fueling me up and getting me ready for the final few weeks of school.  It's crazy how church can seem to be completely tailored to you sometimes... I love that most.

Today I am grateful for:
Letters from my sister
my parents
and good books

Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28th 2009

A lot of my friends can take their own pictures, but i really can't.  I lack the equipment and the technically skills...  I borrow them.  But I am a student so fair use right?

On a more serious note:

This is Thanksgiving week, and I really do have a lot to be thankful for so I think I will dedicate a post to it.
Dr. Zimmerman said that writing a list 0f 200 things you are thankful for can be a life changing experience.

-first of all I am thankful that I got an entire week off from school.  This gave me time to get a breath in, do some homework, and get caught up on sleep.
-I am thankful for the opportunity I had to have thanksgiving dinner with friends since I didn't get to have it with family this year.
-I am thankful that I get to fly home and see my family in a few short weeks.
-I am thankful for all of my friends that are scattered across the united states, and also for all of my friends that are in Rexburg with me.
-I am thankful for my family: my mom and my dad and how they always let me be me.  I am also thankful for my sister and the great example she sets for me everyday as she serves the lord as a full time missionary.
-I am thankful for clothes, fashion, and hair.
-I am thankful for make-up, face wash, and shampoo.
-I am thankful for school, education, teachers, BYU-I, and a thirst for knowledge.
-I am thankful for the church and the atonement.  I am thankful for the scriptures and the ensign and conference weekends.
-I am thankful for drive and motivation and things that keep us going when times get hard.
-I am thankful for things to look forward to and friends coming back into my life.
-I am thankful for friends that take the time to understand, see similarities, and connect the dots.
-I am thankful for PINKERTON: the album and my dog.
-I am thankful for animals.
-I am thankful for friends who remember things I tell them, even if they aren't very important things.
-I am thankful for Amy doll and how she showed me some people will always be there for you and that I am not replaceable or disposable.
-I am thankful for paper, art supplies, and a mind that allows me to create things that use to never exist.
-I am thankful for guitars, pianos, harps, cellos, clarinets, and all the things that taught me how to play and love music.
-I am thankful to Conor Oberst, Rivers Cuomo, and Jason Mraz for writing the songs that got me through High School.
-I am thankful for Weezer, Bright Eyes, and Modest Mouse for the music they make and have made and the inspiration it gives me. 
-I am thankful for summer 08 and everything it taught me.
-I am thankful for fall 09 and for growing up.
-I am thankful that I am in college.
-I am thankful that I am an American
-I am thankful that I am LDS.
-I am thankful that I am a girl.
-I am thankful for my shoes and clothes.
-I am thankful that I know how to cook and clean, even if I usually choose not to.
-I am thankful for Pinky.
-I am thankful that I only have three weeks of school left this semester.
-I am thankful for temples and the things that go on inside of them.
-I am thankful that I finally learned it is worth it to just be good and do what I know I should.
-I am thankful that I can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.
-I am thankful for my health and body.
-I am thankful for all of the things I own.  To a lot of people I seem like a pack rat, and I guess I kind of am, but I love it all.
-I am thankful for a warm bed to sleep in each night
-I am thankful for things that make me happy.
-I am thankful for emotion
-I am thankful for things that MOVE us.
-I am thankful for my senior year english teacher who pulled me aside and asked me if i had ever considered being a writer because I have a natural way with words.
-I am thankful for spell check because I do not have a natural way with spelling.
-I am thankful that these next two semesters are going to be so much fun.
-I am thankful that I get the opportunity to go to europe.
-I am thankful for hand me down's because they are like a piece of whoever gave them to you.
-I am thankful for best friend bracelets/necklaces for the same reason.
-I am thankful to all of my friends on missions and all of my friends who went on missions.
-I am thankful for home teachers and visiting teachers
-I am thankful for relief society and sunday school
-I am thankful that I am alive
-I am thankful that I am learning what it means to be Katherine Ann Fleming.

So maybe I only got to 50, but I still am very thankful for them.  

Rome wasn't built in a day

and apparently I can't make a three column blog in a day either...

Today I was looking at the websites that I currently have bookmarked as favorites, and deleting some of the ones i never go to anymore because there are just too many.  While I was doing this I found an old jem that I haven't looked at in a long time.

Friday, November 13, 2009

when I grow up

I want to be happy.

I think I'm getting close.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quotes (or lyrics) can fix a lot of broken things...

... maybe that's it, but still: here is some food for your though:

"somethings fall apart so others can fall together."
-I don't know who this is by, but i LOVE it.

"I don't know that much about you, but I like you because you're TRUE BLUE."
-Bright Eyes (True Blue)

"Learn to be happy with all that you have while you pursue all that you want."
-Dr. Zimmerman

"Tonight I'll dream while I'm in bed and silly thoughts run though my head. About the bugs and alphabet and when I wake tomorrow I bet that you and I will walk together again. 'Cause I can tell that we are gonna be friends, yeah I can tell that we are gonna be friends."
-The White Stripes (We are gonna be friends)

"For all I know you want me too, and maybe you just don't know what to do, or maybe you're scared to say 'I'm falling for you'"
-Weezer (el scorcho)
I also have to put in a plug here and say that this is Pinkerton's namesake.

"I won't worry my life away"
"When I fall in love, I take my time. There's no need to worry when I'm making up my mind. You can turn off the lights but I'm still gonna shine, and I'll tell you WHY"
-Jason Mraz (The Remedy)
This song is very important to me for a lot of reasons. It got me through a lot and still gets me through a lot.

"This is the first day of my life, I'm glad I didn't die before i met you."
Bright Eyes (First day of my life)
I could seriously just post the entire song here, because that is how much I love it, but I think this line sums up a lot of it.

I could also probably go on and on with this list, but I think a hit most of the major ones, and I also think I should probably go do work.

nov 3rd...

had a lot of potential but it kind of went downhill. fast.

at least RADITUDE still came out.

And tuesdays/thursdays are always crazy. I guess I need to learn to print assignments off more than 10 minutes before class is supposed to start so i have time to deal with major technical difficulties.

And I guess I have to just accept the fact that I will never be on time to volleyball, even with the coach bumping start time back half an hour.

There is a silver lining to today though: i get to register for classes, and (I don't think I went public with this yet) I got accepted into the study abroad program I applied to! So come summer 2010, I get to go to Europe!

November 3 2009

Today is a great day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


today I found this on my bestie, Amy's blog.

If you ever feel loved or needed,
Remember that you're one of the lucky ones.

Lately I've been one of the lucky ones.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

martyr for hip-hop

I told marion the following story from my high school years the other day, and she loved it so much she was going to make a blog in honor of the central theme; however, she chose to blog about proactive vending machines instead.  I guess i gotta do my own work:

I have always had a secret (maybe not so secret) love for ridiculous hip-hop/pop songs. i.e. lip gloss, girlfriend remix f. lil mama.  In high school me and my sister were driving home from the movie theater listening to Lip Gloss, windows down, radio CRANKED, car dancing, the whole nine yards... and that is precisely when it happened.  
Red Light.  
Car full of black girls.  
Me dancing.  
Eye contact....

I decided that I had two options:  I could act the fool, turn my radio down, and stop being ridiculous; or i could just play it off like "ain't no thang."  I decided that the first option would lead to the following outcome:  the girls would think i was making fun of them, and be real upset.  no bueno.

I decided to go with the latter option and act like i didn't care about anything other than my music and my dancing.  The only problem was that it was a LONG light and when you are driver, your dance move options are severely restricted... and i was running out of them.
"we are going to me martyrs for hip-hop christine."

long story short, I am here to tell the tale so obviously it ended okay.  I guess I learned something that day though, don't get into it if you cant bring it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

conference weekend.

beautiful thing of the day:
baby emperor penguin

A year ago I was in Utah going to conference in the conference center for the first time in my life with my dad and my sister. Today I watched it at Amy's house in Rexburg Idaho. My sister is all the way across the country in Virginia serving the Lord as a full time missionary, and I think mom said dad is away on business this weekend.
Even though we are very scattered, I love my family and we are very strong and very close.
I love conference weekend, it's like plugging yourself back into the power outlet and letting your battery light turn green again. Mine had been red for too long.
This weekend has barely started and already it has been great. Good friends and good times. (And good timing.)

Next weekend is BRAND NEW in SLC! I haven't been to a show in a really long time, and I have never seen brand new, so I am very excited. I love driving to utah, I love road trips, I love doing things that make me feel alive and make me happy. Some times you need to do things for you. I'm actually a terrible navigator. I get lost a lot. But, that's just part of life. Sometimes you take the wrong exit and have to find your own way back to civilization.

Thank goodness for street signs and people who are easy going.

today I am grateful for:
-beatles rockband
-music from high school
-instant friends
-my car
-the prophet
-technology that brings the saint together from all corners of the world
-teachers who instilled a curiosity for life and a desire to learn in me
-my family
-my friends
-private bedrooms
-my life and the fact that i am learning to LIVE, not just be alive.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The older I get

The more I notice that maybe the things I hold as common knowledge.... aren't.  Even things that i was taught in grade school, like basic American geography (and the fact that Minnesota is NOT in-fact on the east coast) seem foreign to a lot of people I encounter.
Maybe it's because MN is about smack dab in the center of the country(on the north "shore") so we just kind of learn the states out like a radar.  I mean, if i had grown up in california there is probably no way i could have memorized all the way to the new york islands and the gulf stream waters. 
Other kids probably also weren't (aren't) fascinated by those state map puzzle games that you can play online.
And it's totally not that i had superior schooling... believe me. I didn't. I just have a memory for weird facts and stats.  I think i just pay attention to things differently.  Maybe that's what is means to have a lyrical soul.  I don't think so, but I've always loved the sound of that ever sine i heard it in Fever Pitch.   I wish I had a lyrical soul.

These are the things I do know:
-It makes me melt every time I watch the bowling alley scene in Across the Universe, and Jude gives Lucy that look
-Animals can keep you sane
-The beginning is the best part
-Music, time, and prayer can heal all wounds
-glow in the dark air soft pellets make a decent night light
-I love playing volleyball
-you need to forgive yourself too
-I have a very wide range of interests
-Life really is too short to get mad at other people and your energy is too precious to use up on anger 
-make you life better today and love it
-it's about to get real

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

life lessons

On thursday I have to give a speech for my public speaking class.  I have to tell a story and land it with a point.  I have lots of stories, so I decided to pick my point first so that I can write the story portion accordingly.
While looking for a good moral to pick a story about i stumbled upon this jem:
taken from

  1. Being an adult can be fun when you are acting like a child.
  2. Love has nothing to do with looks, but everything to do with time, trust, and interest.
  3. Laughing, crying, joy and anger… All are a vital.  All make us human.
  4. The greatest truths in life are uncovered with simple, steady awareness.
  5. Greed will bury even the lucky eventually.
  6. Bad things do happen to good people.
  7. Paving your own road is intelligent only if nobody has gone exactly where you are going.
  8. Uncertainty is caused by a lack of knowledge.  Hesitation is the product of fear.
  9. Time heals all wounds… regardless of how you feel right now.
  10. Most of the time what you are looking for is right in front of you.
  11. Your health is your life.
  12. Chance is a gift, so act on chance when given the opportunity.
  13. Kindness and hard work will take you further than intelligence.
  14. People deserve a second chance, but not a third.
  15. Marry your best friend.
  16. Take lots of pictures.  Someday you’ll be really glad you did.
  17. Money makes life easier only when the money is yours free and clear.
  18. Carelessness is the root of failure
  19. Your actions now create memories you will reminisce and talk about in your elder years.
  20. Stepping outside of your comfort zone will put things into perspective from an angle you can’t grasp now.
  21. Motivation comes in short bursts.  Act while it’s hot.
  22. Purposely ignoring the obvious is like walking backwards toward the enemy.
  23. Taking ownership of failure builds the foundation for success.
  24. First impressions are completely worthless 50% of the time.
  25. Personal glory lasts forever.
  26. If you never act, you will never know for sure.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


It still half way blows my mind that I am a junior in college, 20 years old, and back in rexburg.  So far junior year is shaping out to be pretty great, i love it.
My classes are going to be really great and all of my teachers are amazing.  I think I need to drop journalism, but I will deal with that when it's time to deal with that.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Today Tutu came to MN.  We took her to the Zoo up in St. Paul.  It was so much fun.  I love Zoos.

Monday, August 24, 2009

day one.

Today is day one of my 13 week training program for running a marathon.  
run 1 minute. 
walk 2 minutes. 
twelve times.

Wish it was my life...


It’s not that I don’t love my life, because I do.  It’s just that there are a lot of really great movies.  Movies with characters that know who they are, and stand up for what they believe in.  Movies with stories that inspire us to make our own.  Movies that give us something to do while we are home for the 7 week break and have nothing to do...

 (500) Days of Summer.

In case you missed my blog the other day, I loved this movie.  Fabulous!!!

First of all, who could say no to Joseph D-L in that movie?  Second of all, if my life had a soundtrack like that,  I’d be happy.  Thirdly,  I have always loved skylines and have always wanted to live in California. I even wanted to be an architect when I was little.

         I could talk about this movie for far longer than anyone would care to listen, but it was seriously, positively, terribly, horribly, fantastically, wonderfully wonderful.  The clothes, the music, the coloring (that filter that all indie movie seem to have), the chemistry, the cinematography, the irony, the introduction, the narration, the characters, the friends, the emotions… get the point?  

The last movie I felt this much for was the Darjeeling Limited.

The Darjeeling Limited

       For those of you who don’t know this, I have seen a few rate R movies.  For those of you who that doesn’t sit well with, forget I ever said it and skip this entry.

There is something very beautiful about the idea of traveling through foreign lands with your brothers, or in my case I guess it would have to be my sister orbest friends since I have no brothers.  I wrote my bucket list after seeing this movie.  It just made me want to... LIVE.

I am almost overwhelmed to announce that next summer I plan on doing a study abroad humanities trip through europe!!  If anyone want's to come too, do it!  Right now I am just planning on doing it alone, but having a travel buddy would be grand :)




A Knights Tale

       Who doesn’t love a good rag to riches story?  And who doesn’t love a good Heath Ledger?  And who can possibly resist a movie that starts with a Queen song?

       Not only does this movie have HL, action, and an empowering message, but it has a tender love story to boot. 


Everything Is Illuminated

       Sometimes I’m just afraid I will forget too.  Sometimes I want to catalogue my entire life as well.  Sometimes I wish I has a friend as terrible with English as Alex.

Although boring when watched too frequently, Everything is illuminated is a fantastic movie.




Sunday, August 23, 2009

aug. 23. 2009

Today in church we talked about work, and doing it.  Our teacher said, growing up, that during the summer they had two options each weekday:  they could either weed the garden for an hour, or write a one page paper on something out of the encyclopedia--that or enroll in summer school.
Great idea if you ask me.  I think I'm going to start writing a piece a day, educational or not.  I just want to write more.  Outside of journaling, poetry, lyrics.  I also want to start adding more of an ART element to my journals.
I've started reading again, and it's great.  It feels coming home even more like coming home because I hardly ever have/make time to read while I am in school.

I'm going to europe next summer,  I get to take some really great classes next semester, i got a letter from Max yesterday, it's my birthday soon and life could not be any sweeter right now. 

Saturday, August 22, 2009

here's the thing...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has gotten beautiful.

I went and saw (500) days of Summer tonight, and i loved it so much it's insaine.  I have to go to the bathroom so bad, but I have to get this out, so I don't even care.

Can there be a more perfect boy than Tom Hansen?  I want my life to be like (500) days of summer--on the good days.  There was something so real about Tom and Summer, and something so cosmic about the relationship they shared.  I loved Summer for being so true to herself; although, I also hated her for the same reason.  I love that Tom lived in his emotions.  When he was upset he was rude to strangers, he yelled on subway cars.  When he was happy he lived in a musical and danced through the park with cartoon birds.  I think sometimes thats what you need to do.  LIVE YOUR LIFE.

A lot of the time I sell myself short on my emotions, and I think that that is something that needs to change.  If I'm happy, and want to shout it from the rooftops... why not?  
I also believe that any relationship--no matter how terribly it ended--if you can take something away from it, was worth it.   Even if it's just the name of a new band to listen to.  Because who knows, that boy that broke your heart at the tender age of 15 may have just happened to mention the band bright eyes in a late night text conversation, and that band may have inspired your whole persona from then on.

the moral of my strory is PLEASE DON'T SELL YOURSELF SHORT.

we all deserve that story book ending, our perfect match., and the only way we are going to get that is by being our perfect selves.

perfect: adj.  
exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Whatever poison's in this bottle will leave me broken, sore, and stiff.
But it's the genie at the bottom who I'm sucking at; he owes me one last wish,
So here's a present to let you know I still exist;
I hope the next boy that you kiss has something terribly contagious on his lips.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


heath ledger was such a dream come true.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aug. 18 2009

Since I have about two weeks left to be a teenie-bopper, i need to get something out.



It's been a while...

since I've posted.  It's also been a while since I've written in my journal.  Good thing nothing too exciting or monumental happened this semester. 
I'm home now, for the seven week break, and so far it's consisting of a lot of video games, disney channel, and late night television--mainly that 70s show and what I like about you.  And who ever said TV is not educational just wasn't very imaginative, because I, personally have learned a lot about life from watching TV.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Summer oh nine can mark the end of a year of radicle growth in my life.

One year ago i was:
skipping class and not taking responsibility for my life. terrible idea.
giving my number to random boys outside applebee's. bad idea.
on rooftops with boys. okay idea.

Now I am:
Going to class ever time it meets. Great idea.
still giving my number to people, but it seems to be working out better.
Sharing rooftop experiences with the right people. Great idea.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today was, by far, the best day I have had in a long time :)

It all started with the entrepreneur conference, which was really inspiring and great and I am so happy the greed for extra credit caused me to go, because it really touched me.

after that this is how the rest of my day shaped up:
-the project that was 11 minutes late on tuesday, and therefor being docked 10%, is not on-time and not docked at all.
-African party :)
-Letters from Elder Weeks


DISCLAIMER: the computer I am typing on doesn't highlight typos, and I am not a very good speller, so please don't judge me.

Lately there have been several events that have caused a change in me--the kind that I think will stick around for a while. At least I hope it will this time. I attend a private university, Brigham Young University Idaho, for members of the LDS faith. Because of this, we have the oportuity to attend weekly devotionals that are given to the students and faculty by esteemed members of our faith. We have had some great leaders come speak to us throughout the years, and many great declarations have been made from the pulpit in the Hart auditorium. This summer I have made it a goal not to miss a single one. In this past teusday's "devo" we learned about the importance of our education and elevating ourselves to higher standards. Seince I had already made doing homework and avoiding playing my goal for the week, this message seemed extremely well timed and really hit home. This week I have had a drive and a desire to do my school work like never before; the funny think is that I am loving it. I made it a goal to avoid idle time and idle things, such as time wasted on the internet, unfruitful social interactions, and time spent doing things that don't have any benefit for me. It would be extremly hard to expaine all of the factors inside me that are driving me right now, but I trust them.
Upon returning to BYU-I this summer, I switched my major from business to communication, and I think that doing that was probably one of the best things I have ever done for myself. You have to follow your passions, and business was not my passion. I love this new major and all of the new ideas and jobs that it opens up to me. Bidness was interesting, but I wasn't cut out to think that way. That's simple not the way I'm wired.
Today I had a great expierecne: I had the oportunity to attend an entrepreneur conference held here on cmpus for business and comm majors. I originally only went to recieve the promised extra credit for two classes, but I found as i listened that i was filled with excitment and a desire to develop what was dubbed the "entrepreneur spirit".
At aproxametly 10 AM, TOMs shoes was introduced as a great example of entrepreneurship, and still hasn't left my mind. It is 1:23 now. The love people have for others, and the desire to give back is such a great gift, and if it's something you posess, I beg you to cultivate it. The world needs more people like that.
Basically, all of this drive to better myself and better the world has led me to the library, where I have spent the lst hour researching programs like TWLOHA and TOMs shoes and figuring out ways that I can get involved. It's still the internet, but at least it's productive.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Summer oh nine is really shaping up to be the summer of dreams. I love all of my classes, so that is making it a lot easier to get good grades. My mom told me if i get good grades this summer and in the fall I can go to New Zealand for the winter. Thats the best motivation I think I could be offered.

The other thing that has made this summer so great is the creation of SassyKat.

A lot of really great things are happening this summer and I am loving it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009



Friday, May 22, 2009


I had ben sad for a while, but it seems to have gone away now, which is great and MUCH appreciated.
Me and amy actually got to go to the temple together today, and i didn't even miss class--wasn;t even late!  I was sure I was going to, but it all worked out.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


This week has been really hard for several reason; some i can't pin down, some i don't want to admit, and some that i can't really explain.

I know that there have already been like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 blessings in my life--even just this summer--but sometimes I get into a bad funk and i can't get myself out for a while.  The best way for me to deal with it is just to talk about it.  
A lot.  
thanks to all the people that have ever listened.
No one things really triggered it this time.  I think it was a few things.  I don't really know, but I do know that I don't want it anymore.

I need to set it free.

that is why i am going to make a list of all the things that I am grateful for, and list of the things i need to remember.  

I'm grateful for/becasue
-Music Outlet
-Acoustic Cafe
-Musical inspiration
-Letters from Missionaries
-the MTC
-Summer 09
-guitars, banjos, harmonicas, and accordions
-art spulies
-Patriarchal Blessings
-having a temple in the city i go to college in
-my classes are great
-this is what i have wanted my whole life
-porter park (even with all of its baggage)
-my ward
-i get to go to school in idaho
-people here have my standards
-people support and aid your growth
-my teachers are really good
-i got to see christine into the MTC
-i got to see my dad
-i've already had several really great days this summer
-i think ill make good grades this summer :)
-zoology is awesome
-communications is a much better major than bidness
-choose your own adventure
-i don't care
-make it count.  always.  that motto will never die. (just be smart about it this time.)

This is what I need to do/remember, sometimes it's just hard.
-who i am
-be true to yourself
-don't try to be something you're not
-don't try and hind something you are

i'm really glad that tomorrow is sunday.  

Thursday, May 14, 2009

revenge is a dish best served cold.

I don't have it out for anyone, i just think that is a beautiful statement.


This has been one of the most fun filled and crazy weeks of my life. Utah and back in less that 25 hours. My sister went into the MTC. Acoustic cafe.


Today i skipped religion today to do homework; I probably could have gone. I was going to go, but the very last second something told me to stay.
As i was in the lab working though, I started talking to the girl next to me about missions and dating and boys and settling. What she told me was exactly what i needed to hear, and it was so cool because it was from a stranger, not just my friends telling me what i want to hear.
We really need to be willing to be friends with everyone and talk to everyone because you never know when you could be answering someones prayer.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today was the best day ever!

Happy 19th Makana.

Thursday, May 7, 2009



tryouts :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


The sundays in rexburg just keep out doing themselves.  I am so glad that there was the CES fire side tonight.
Today I had two huge testimony boosters and i am grateful for them.
6 words was all it took. "Thank you for bearing your testimony".  6 words and an avalanche of revelation followed.
thank you for being my catalyst.

On a less spiritual note, i got running shoes this weekend and im starting this week off with a bang and turning summer 09 into fit fest 09!
im getting in shape this summer.

you're just jealous cause we're young and in love.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

i cant remember what number I am on...

This summer is already crazy. I love all of my classes but I am in the l.i.b. constantly. It's all work I like though so i don't really mind doing it all day. I really want to try and get straight As this semester, and make my mom proud. She said if i do she will let me bring her camera out to school and take a photography class with it :).
It's really nice to be able to go to one house and see everyone, even if it is sad not being able to live there myself. I think it will all work out though. I love rexburg and all of the people here. I really have been so lucky with all the friends that I have made here; sometimes I really don't know how i got so lucky.
I'm sorry that I'm such a recluse sometimes. I just have a lot on my mind unually and I havent learned how to get it to stop yet. I didn't use to be this way, but i crashed a lot more then. I think I'm still just learning how to balance everything, but the one thing i have learned with out a shadow of a doubt is when you make time for church things, it gets easier to organize the rest too.
I really have learned a lot in the last year and I feel like I've mad some pretty radicle changes. Maybe they aren't noticable to others, but I can tell.

Summer 09. Choose your own adventure.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Today was great, my ward is way fly, and i also got to see everyone (minus the boy) from summer 08.  It all just kind of fell together for me.  I am so excited for summer 09!

Monday, April 13, 2009


the week's run down so far:

wednesday the 8th: left MN at 6 am drove drove drove
thursday the 9th: saw the high school boys, makana, and cody. Crashed in Rexburg.
Friday the 10th: drove to utah, temple square, slept at grandma's.
saturday the 11th: Drove to provo, saw some friends, saw thorn, back to SLC then back to grandma's.
Easter Sunday: up at 5 am. Drove to airport in SLC, flew to baltomore and caught a shuttle to NIH.

Today was full of blood work, exams, doctors appointments, naps on couches and hospital floors, and even more tests. Pizza hut for dinner and tomorrow it starts all over again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


more day.

So many things I'll never learn,
you can't cross bridges that you've burned...
...You say that I'm a DREAMER i say you're a NONBELIEVER.

take out the light; start screaming.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful thing of the day:  Good Charlotte: Good Charlotte.  I figured since I am going to Benji and Joel's stomping ground (DC) next week,  I should give them some spin time.  

Summah Goals:

i for real have done this about six times since being home, but since I am leaving on wednesday at 5 am (which is practically the same thing as tomorrow night, which is practically today) I decicded to do a last glance/updated version.

-Don't buy ANY clothes.  Just look though everything i already have if i get an urge to shop.
-Buy jewelry off e bay, it's flier and cheeper, and only like 3 pieces tops.
-don't eat out at all.  Once a month if it's a special like roomie thing or something.  but for real, thats tops.
-Read instead of going on line to stare at things.
-but books used off amazon.  They are like a penny.  no lie.
-Do an art project (poem, alphabook, painting, song...) a week.  At least every two weeks.
-keep up on my long term projects (art journal, ect...)
-use sundays to read the scriptures, read books, and write missionaries. ( i cant say "the boys" anymore thanks to christine :D)
-Temple every other saturdays at least.
-read the BOM every night (at least a chapter)
-Go to DI and only buy things i REALLY need.  Things I'm excited enough about i want to wear them home, and books i would really read and value in life.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


After reconsidering, I think I might have found new hair inspiration.


The beautiful thing of the day is in some ways conference, but since that is kind of differently beautiful to each person, so I though I would also pick another beautiful thing of the day, and it is SKYLINES.
I have always been drawn to skylines and the millions of secrets and untold stories they hide.

On another plane of life, I leave in 3 days!   But we re leaving really early on wednesdya (like 5 am) so it's really like two days.  Tomorrow is final packing day, and tuesday is achievment, which means that I'm going to be super busy and the time is going to fly!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


What a Jem Stone.

RIP baby.

I have decided to start recognizing a beautiful thing of the day each day. today's is going to be Heathcliff Andrew Ledger.


Today was day one of conference weekend, heath leadger's birthday, and also the day we had the missionaries over for dinner.  If tragedies come in threes, I guess good things must also.
My mom made this steak that was fried in butter and seasons with really nice sea salt and freash pepper.  It had this horse-radish/mustard sauce that went over it.   I guess it was really good because they are it all.  We made a really nice spinatch salad and taters too.   Those were delish--even the potatoes!  I guess Idaho had changed more than my character.
We had birthday cake for dessert in honor or Heath, and the missionaries talked to us about preach my gospel,  but I'm pretty sure they called it P my G while there were deciding while message to give us.

Another great day in the heartland.

p.s. i use to have this a knights tale poster, and not it's no where to be found.  I hope it shows up and i hope even more i didn't throw it away... :( 

Friday, April 3, 2009


Tonight I had my primary class over for a chihuahua party--we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and got to hold my Chihuahuas!  So presh.  After the movie we went in the hot tub and put on peejays and just kind of talked and watched the beginning of the movie again because some girls got there late.  It was really fun, but I wish I had though to take some pictures with the girls!  They are all so funny and sweet.  I'm just not a photographer at heart i guess--or really at all--so things like that don't occur to me until after the matter... I did take a pretty fly picture of a red bull can once though.
I ate enough junk food and sugar tonight to go into hibernation... or a diabetic coma, which ever happens first.  Seriously, I need to just cut junk food out of my diet, because once i start i can't stop...  I had cut it out for about a month and it really wasn't even too hard.... but then parties and special occasions came up, and you know how that goes.

5 days

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yes Quinn, I know I write in my blog multiple times a day.
As I stated earlier, some time today was spent looking for hair inspiration, which led to the discovery of a picture i really liked, which lead to the discovery of some of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen.  Who knews blogs could ever BE beautiful?  (with the exception of leah's of course)  
It all started withgreedy girl, and eventually wound it's way down through a cup of jo, to this precious couple's blog.  Just the idea of a couple's blog seems... adorably ridiculous.
P.S.  They are LDS.

I honestly think it's the times I am trying the hardest to stop using the internet that I find out it actually has a beneficial side.  Go figure.  I think A.R.T is just something we can all learn from sometimes.


I have decided this is my hair goal; the only exception being I do not plan on going B L O N D E.  Not that there is anything wrong with blondes, I actually quite like blonde hair.  (I think i could even be a great blonde, due to my green eyes, pale skin, and inability to tan.)  It's really just that my hair is finally getting healthy, and i wish to keep it that way--I have given up dying it.  I figured after eight years of getting chemically altered every two to three months, I would probably want a break too.
I love the bangs and little/no layering combo.  I think it could be exactly what I've always wanted from my hair...  There is the whole curls dilemma, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.


Cleaning my room is an endless task, when married with with packing,  last hours that turn into days and bleed into weeks... Nothing is going to get my down though because I get to go back to Idaho in 6 days and have lots of good things between here and there.
-April 3rd (manyana) is my class party with my primary girls :)
-April 4th is not only Heath Ledger's (ex)birthday, and when we have the missionaries, but also is the kick off for conference!
-April 5th is conference round two
-April 6th is final pack, clean, and organize day
-April 7th is my lesson on journaling for Achievement
-April 8th I bounce.

I have a ridiculous amount of stuff, but the problem is i really love it and a lot of it I have collected from other people and other times in my life.  People call me  a pack rat, and it might be true, but I don't take stuff just to have stuff.  I like it because it reminds me of my friends and my history and all the places I have been and there people who went there with me.  I have clothes from friends, pictures of relatives I've never met, papers from elementary school--cleaning has really been more of a trip into my memory, to all the places I have loved and hated.  To all the places that made me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I did a lot better today not using technology, other than my cell phone which I don't think I could ever really ween myself off.  It's too easy and in all honesty--too convenient.  Nevertheless it is still goal of mine to ween myself off technology for the summer and to instead use that time to: read, do art, study the scriptures, go to the park, play guitar, write songs, ect.  Obviously I am going to have to use my computer for music, school work, and things that are crucial like e mail.  I will also probably keep up with my blog and dream blog, but other than that i really don't think it's necessary, except maybe the occasional viewing of a favorite music video

Today I cleaned, worked on a project, and watched some Rob and Big, but get this.  I READ while I  was cooking dinner!   I'll be one of those nerds that constantly has a book in their hand and their nose in a book in no time.
Today's book is still eat, pray, love.  I still love it.


I was reading more in eat, pray, love today while i was loading the dish washer, and Liz was talking about writing in her most private notebook she uses when she is having a really hard time.  I had an idea that I think is pretty neat and I wanted to get some feedback on.  Sometimes I get so excited about ideas that i can't really judge them very well.  I told amy and kaitlin right away so it's probably not worth even writing here, but i know some other people read this from time to time. 

I think it would be cool to all get a notebook that we can write all our heart ache in and pain and hard things from summer 09.  Nothing too personal or too deep so that it won't be sad to loose it, because I think on the last day we are all still in town we should get together and have a bon fire and burn it all.
get rid of it.
and move on. 

I know that life takes care of things like this on it's own, but I've always liked concrete things to symbolize progress and help me have a concrete memory.



-spontaneity like Rob and Big
-Glamor like America's Next Top Model
-Adventures like Penn and Jake
-Love like Friends (the TV show)
-Faith like Nephi
-commitment to school like my mom in High School

Monday, March 30, 2009


Who could sleep at a time like this?!



Late night conversations with good friends (yosaychelle) inspire many things, including this: A Grab Bag of all things hoped for in Summer 09.

I discovered the art of Peter Max and Banksy while I have been home this winter, and their art has inspired me to take the extra step and try to make a difference this summer.  Maybe I'll finally do the things I want to do.  
All I know for sure is that I plan on spending this summer h.a.p.p.y.

I hope that everyone finds all they are looking for this summer, and can be the right instruments in the lives that need them.
I wish i could write like Charlie in The Perks of being a wall flower, because I feel like that's how I think most of the time.  I have no grace in language though so most of it never gets transfered to paper properly, which is why there are other forms of art and expression.

I remember writing in the boy's yearbook who sat behind me in history in tenth grade.  I can't remember his name, and I barely even knew him at the time, but as I wrote I saw the words "I hope you get everything you want to out of life because you deserve it" coming together on the page into a neat sentence.  What's even weirder is that I knew i mean it.
I hope summer is like that, I hope that even if I don't know why I am doing something I hope I can still know that I mean it and that it's the truth.

Hope guides me.