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Saturday, November 28, 2009

On a more serious note:

This is Thanksgiving week, and I really do have a lot to be thankful for so I think I will dedicate a post to it.
Dr. Zimmerman said that writing a list 0f 200 things you are thankful for can be a life changing experience.

-first of all I am thankful that I got an entire week off from school.  This gave me time to get a breath in, do some homework, and get caught up on sleep.
-I am thankful for the opportunity I had to have thanksgiving dinner with friends since I didn't get to have it with family this year.
-I am thankful that I get to fly home and see my family in a few short weeks.
-I am thankful for all of my friends that are scattered across the united states, and also for all of my friends that are in Rexburg with me.
-I am thankful for my family: my mom and my dad and how they always let me be me.  I am also thankful for my sister and the great example she sets for me everyday as she serves the lord as a full time missionary.
-I am thankful for clothes, fashion, and hair.
-I am thankful for make-up, face wash, and shampoo.
-I am thankful for school, education, teachers, BYU-I, and a thirst for knowledge.
-I am thankful for the church and the atonement.  I am thankful for the scriptures and the ensign and conference weekends.
-I am thankful for drive and motivation and things that keep us going when times get hard.
-I am thankful for things to look forward to and friends coming back into my life.
-I am thankful for friends that take the time to understand, see similarities, and connect the dots.
-I am thankful for PINKERTON: the album and my dog.
-I am thankful for animals.
-I am thankful for friends who remember things I tell them, even if they aren't very important things.
-I am thankful for Amy doll and how she showed me some people will always be there for you and that I am not replaceable or disposable.
-I am thankful for paper, art supplies, and a mind that allows me to create things that use to never exist.
-I am thankful for guitars, pianos, harps, cellos, clarinets, and all the things that taught me how to play and love music.
-I am thankful to Conor Oberst, Rivers Cuomo, and Jason Mraz for writing the songs that got me through High School.
-I am thankful for Weezer, Bright Eyes, and Modest Mouse for the music they make and have made and the inspiration it gives me. 
-I am thankful for summer 08 and everything it taught me.
-I am thankful for fall 09 and for growing up.
-I am thankful that I am in college.
-I am thankful that I am an American
-I am thankful that I am LDS.
-I am thankful that I am a girl.
-I am thankful for my shoes and clothes.
-I am thankful that I know how to cook and clean, even if I usually choose not to.
-I am thankful for Pinky.
-I am thankful that I only have three weeks of school left this semester.
-I am thankful for temples and the things that go on inside of them.
-I am thankful that I finally learned it is worth it to just be good and do what I know I should.
-I am thankful that I can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.
-I am thankful for my health and body.
-I am thankful for all of the things I own.  To a lot of people I seem like a pack rat, and I guess I kind of am, but I love it all.
-I am thankful for a warm bed to sleep in each night
-I am thankful for things that make me happy.
-I am thankful for emotion
-I am thankful for things that MOVE us.
-I am thankful for my senior year english teacher who pulled me aside and asked me if i had ever considered being a writer because I have a natural way with words.
-I am thankful for spell check because I do not have a natural way with spelling.
-I am thankful that these next two semesters are going to be so much fun.
-I am thankful that I get the opportunity to go to europe.
-I am thankful for hand me down's because they are like a piece of whoever gave them to you.
-I am thankful for best friend bracelets/necklaces for the same reason.
-I am thankful to all of my friends on missions and all of my friends who went on missions.
-I am thankful for home teachers and visiting teachers
-I am thankful for relief society and sunday school
-I am thankful that I am alive
-I am thankful that I am learning what it means to be Katherine Ann Fleming.

So maybe I only got to 50, but I still am very thankful for them.  

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kalanilu said...

Katie... I was listening to Jason Mraz when I got to the line that you were thankful for him! Funny. This is a good list, you're a good girl, I love everything about you. And I love Pinkerton.
<3 Momma