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Monday, February 23, 2009


A few weeks ago I got an issue of  the magazine NYLON, but never really looked at it until the other day.  It's actually really neat and lit a fire in my heart for fashion that is usually always there, but gets extinguished by lack of time and laziness.
I've always thought that being a model would be really fun.  When i was about 16 I was at the hair salon with my mom and one of the stylist walked by me and said "Hello!  what's your name?"  so I said "Katie."  Then she said "Katie, have you ever modeled?"  And I said, "No I haven't", then she said "Oh, well you should, because you have a very unique look and could do great."  
Modeling is like the only place I would be one of the sorties.

My mom told me she would teach me to sew while I was home so i could make some clothes for myself and fix up some old thangs.



Minnesota is being so good to me. :)
Why was I so stupid last winter?
Being home is amazing.

I'm so glad I finally learned how to not associate with people who bring me down.


Day Off!

Today I:
slept in till noon.
ate breakfast.
fed the dogs.
haven't changed yet.

I'm about to:
Do an exercise tape.
Shower and get dressed.
Mail a letter.
take the dogs out.

Later I will:
Go to Cici's for dinner.
Clean my room.
Clean Christine's room.
Take the dogs out again.

Tomorrow I go back to work, but I get to work with the TAP program again, which is really fun so I'm excited.
I really love working for the school district.  The teachers are always so nice and helpful and I've never been hassled or anything about being 19 and never having my teachers badge.

I've been watching bridezilla a lot lately, It just seems to come on.  I really hope my head doesn't spin around and my eyes don't go red when I get married.  I really don't think I will, because I don't really have to plan a ceremony or anything because Temple marriages are pretty much by the book I think, but who knows.  Maybe my demons will come out.  

But for real, these girls are completely ridiculous; sometimes i don't see how the grooms don't just say, peace and leave.  I hope I am never that mean to anyone ever in my life.