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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LDN day one

So, I am in LDN, and it is just as dreamy as I imagined. The hostle we are staying in has internetzzz you can pay for--and is GHETTO. I love love LOOOOVE it. Today i learned how to work the underground, how to work british money, and how to cross a british street during rush hour. I also learned that getting lost can lead to some pretty amazing adventures. Today I mostly just walked and walked and walked and WALKED!! I am taking tons of pictures I will upload later to the book.

The room i am in in this hostle is up about 100 flights of super steep super narrow stairs--after walking around, not fun. when i came back down to go on the computer, i just held on to the rail and flopped down like a little rag doll. my legs are going to be sooooooo sore tomorrow.

Tomorrow we go to the brittish gallery i think, and then toorrow night i go to wicked! the girls that saw it tonight said it was amazing, so i am super excited.

i am also almost out of time

i love europe already