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Monday, March 30, 2009


Who could sleep at a time like this?!



Late night conversations with good friends (yosaychelle) inspire many things, including this: A Grab Bag of all things hoped for in Summer 09.

I discovered the art of Peter Max and Banksy while I have been home this winter, and their art has inspired me to take the extra step and try to make a difference this summer.  Maybe I'll finally do the things I want to do.  
All I know for sure is that I plan on spending this summer h.a.p.p.y.

I hope that everyone finds all they are looking for this summer, and can be the right instruments in the lives that need them.
I wish i could write like Charlie in The Perks of being a wall flower, because I feel like that's how I think most of the time.  I have no grace in language though so most of it never gets transfered to paper properly, which is why there are other forms of art and expression.

I remember writing in the boy's yearbook who sat behind me in history in tenth grade.  I can't remember his name, and I barely even knew him at the time, but as I wrote I saw the words "I hope you get everything you want to out of life because you deserve it" coming together on the page into a neat sentence.  What's even weirder is that I knew i mean it.
I hope summer is like that, I hope that even if I don't know why I am doing something I hope I can still know that I mean it and that it's the truth.

Hope guides me.


9 days until I leave.  This week finds we working in Dad's store, working to pay off a speeding ticket and working to earn some spare change for traveling to DC because apparently it's officially a go.
This winter has been wild, but the past six months have been even more so.
-said bye to some of my best friends for two years
-gotten rabies treatment
-been attacked by my cat
-gotten my first speeding ticket
-been left home alone for the first time
-met one of the best friends i've ever had
-lived in a house at college
-decided i like apartments better
-jumped my car
-driven from Idaho to Utah
-helped the missionaries teach an investigator
-lost one of my best friends to death
-gained a new friend into the family
-had several prayers answered
-learned the importance of daily prayer and scripture study on a new level
-learned the power of fasting
-come to terms with a lot of things
-had a sister called on a mission
-have 2 epic weekends in rexburg
-only broken curfew twice (and one was worth it)
-learned to shoot an airsoft gun
-learned I am terrified of guns
-learned to knifty knit
-started reading again
-learned how to find some beauty in each day and in all things

I am so excited to get back out to school, and especially for the opportunity that my family has to go on one last family vacation before Christine leaves on her mission.  Summer 09, we are going to tear it up!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


-running into the missionaries in the library
-getting to teach with them even though they are not the ones from my ward.
-teaching lessons in primary about missions.
-using my pictures of max an dal pal for visual aids and getting asked more questions about them then about the lesson.
-Kennedy trying to mouth questions during primary and getting upset when i can never get the last word.
-getting to teach the achievement lesson this week
-being close enough to leaving for school that i can start a legit countdown.
-answers to prayers
-book to read
-Amber actually listening to my primary lessons, no matter how scatterbrained they are
-health, home, happiness
-friends on missions, even if they don't write me much
-writing them all the time anyways.  Something epic always happens like the day after i write max, without fail.
-new music
-fresh lit
-clear mind
-CONFERENCE coming up
-nights at home with the dogs
-frozen nutty buddies, and everything they remind me of
-uggs, sweats, and crazy hair
-water bottles to boot
-urban dictionary
-FOUND magazine
-Post secret
-art journals
-scripture study
-friends posting talks on my blog
-internets and technology making it easy to keep up with friends all across america, and the United States Postal Service making it easy to keep up with the ones who can't use technology.
-forever stamps, once again.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today was a day for firsts:

First of all, I woke up to a brand new laptop!  But not in the way that would have been exciting and awesome because what i really woke up to was my old laptop with absolutely nothing on the hard-drive anymore.  Let me just say, when you are home alone for the week, crisis' seen ten times worse.
Okay, now I should probably back up and say that it's always the days i decide to scrub it and think "at least I'm only going to wal-mart" or "I'll just run to the library really fast" that I see everyone I know around town, or really cute boys.   That is probably why when i was looking for the catcher in the rye I saw a beautiful boy with the flyyest kicks ever, and why as I was leaving the library (in sweats, ugs, and out of control hair) I ran into the missionaries.  When you run into the missionaries you always have to stop and say hello to them--and shake hands.  I should probably also mention they weren't even the ones from my ward, but i know them from seeing them at the building after church.
After a little small talk Elder Robinson said "so what are you doing.... like right now?"  And i said "I dunno, nothing."  So he asked me if i wanted to help them teach someone, and i said "Are you serious?  Look at what I'm wearing!"  He told me it didn't matter So i said I would love to.
The only problem was that we couldn't find the girls, and eventually they had to get going, but not before they got my number for future use.

So, back to today.  Needless to say I was not happy and did the only thing I could deem logical at the time... Call my mom, who didn't answer.  So i called again and again and when she finally got to her phone she probably though I the house was on fire or something because of all the missed calls.
I finally realized if i wanted to get my computer fixed the person I should really call is the apple hotline.  I called apple support and found out that you only get to call in for help within 90 days of getting your product.  Seriously apple?  Thats a bit harsh.  But when i told him my sob story about trying to clean out my HD to make room on my computer for this coming semester  and this morning finding it cleaner that I would ever want it I must have sturk a nerve, because he stayed on and helped me.  He asked me a ton of questions and eventually we discovered the problem.  Somewhere between deleting duplicate pictures and old school files, I changed the USER file name from "katiefleming" to "Katherine Fleming".  


After completing spring cleaning on my computer to my satisfaction, I logged out of my profile and shut down my computer for the night.  Which i never so, I always just leave it logged in and close my computer when I'm done.  So apparently since I had changed this file name, my computer couldn't retrieve any of the information stored on it while the name was what it had been before I changed it from "katiefleming" to "Katherine Fleming".  Pretty mojor consequences for such a small act if you ask me! Maybe I'm supposed to learn some life lesson, the kind I can metaphorically apply to my life.  
So, with the problem discovered, Apple man put me on hold for a while and went on trying to discover how to fix my problem.  While I was on hold, I tried to call my mom again from my cell phone, becuase I was on the house phone with apple man.  Another thing i never do, I always just use my celly.   While I was on hold, someone called my cell phone and I had a really strong urge to answer it, so i did.  It was the missionaries from the day before and they told me that we must have just missed the girls at the library and that they were going to teach them for real at 3 o clock at the library and expalin  asked if i would like to go with them today.  I told them I really would, and started to explain the problem at hand, but just then the apple person came back and I was on two different phones with two different people and couldn't sort everything out fast enough.  I didn't want to be rude and be like "later elders"  but I also didn't want to hang up on the man with the salvation for my computer.  I was trying to figure out how to say bye to one party without the other party thinking i was blowing them off and hanging up on me, which would have been tragic if it was the apple man.  Luckily Missionaries are a little cooler in stressful situations that I am and Elder Rutter just said "call us back" and hung up.
So the Mac Man found a way to fix my computer, and after walking me through a few simple steps said "now this next bit we have to do really fast and it has a lot of steps so I'm going to tell you what we are going to do, then you will do it."  It was probably one of the most stressful things I have ever done, but I fixed it.
I called the missionaries back.  The thing I like most about missionaries is they are ALWAYS excited to see you/hear from you.  No matter what.  "KATHERINE!!!" was what i got as an answer to my call and i told elder rutter "I got it fixed!"  So after three potential changes in venue i finally met the elders at the l.i.b, got to help them teach this really nice girl, and got my computer fixed!
What a great day! 

To bad this only brings us to 4 pm and thanks to daylight savings there was still plenty of daylight to burn.  Why can;t I ever just go home?

 I decided to go to the antique shop about 20 miles outside or Rochester, and my trip there was awesome.  They had some really cool old things and it was really fun to look through it all. I got this balling locket and  a fly old key, and on the way home i got a speeding ticket!  Lucky me.

Today was just a day full of firsts, and i Loved every one.
even the ticket to some extent.  I fell like a true American teenager now.  
And if i was going to have to get a ticket in this life, I feel like it is more acceptable that i got it while I was still a teenager.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Baby, you make my heart beat faster.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


A late night run to Wal-Mart not only provided me with all the necessities for a night in with the dogs, but also inspiration in creating this: 

the ABC's of Summer 09

A is for ART
the kind that inspires
your heart, mind, and love,
and passion like fires.

B is for biking,
longboarding, or brisk
walking, and scooters--
help the world still exist.

C is for camping
in all nature's glories,
I can't put a price 
on creating stories.

skip if you're bored,
but for me and my house
we make time for the Lord.

E is for Evenings
at home with the fam,
do it each monday
start your week with a  BAM!

F is for friends 
and fires and firsts
like hiking R mountian
and watching stars burst. 

G is for grammar 
and things to be taught.
Remember life lessons
and forget what you've fought.

H is for henna 
and things that inspire.
Harness your heart
and creations acquire.

I is for Indians, 
Africans, natives.
Culture's people inspire
and make us creatives!

J is for July
to celebrate all
things Americana
from big to small.

K is for Katherine
my full and true name.
For finding myself
and for staying the same.

L is for love,
which summer inspires.
And hoping I don't
get caught up in false fires.

M is for music,
a small Rexburg jem.
The plastic house is gone
but we'll still honor them.

N is for nothing.
Just sit and reflect.
think on and learn from
your past terms well spent.

O is for overnight trips
with good buddies.
In mountain's and houses,
apartments and gullies.

P is for priorities,
I hope to get straight.
So i can get ready
for life to be great.

Q is for quest,
and adventures to boot.
For laughing and love
that we never dilute.

R is for REXBURG!
our Family Community.
For new names and new faces,
endless opportunity.

S is for stamps,
on letters to friends,
and Sundays spent writing; 
our love to extend.

T is for time,
so do what you can,
to make this world better,
and help that view span.

U is for units,
wards, and our groups.
These join us in purpous
and keep us in loops.

V is for vaycay!
To vegas or to
utah for friendships
and fun to pursue.

W is for walking
to horkley's with friends.
Here's to the moments;
we're linked till the end.

X is for X-cellent, 
it's a bit of a stretch.
take a moment to
capture your glory in sketch.

Y is for years,
ahead and behind.
for physical pain
and battles of mind.

Z is for zest,
in all things of life.
for laughing in bliss,
and crying in strife.



I've only been home alone for about a day and a half and I'm already loosing my mind.  This just goes to show I better get married before I graduate because I could never live alone.  I talk to the dogs non stop and talk to things (which I guess i do anyways) and try to make it feel like someone is home with me.  The dogs are great company though, and i get all of them to myself.  No sharing Pinkerton with anyone.  I can do whatever I want after work, which is kind of nice.  Today I went to goodwill and got some treasures to rep my home state.
I fell alseep though and didn't get to go to the library, but I guess I can always go tomorrow.  Thank goodness for spring break!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is flabby, sitting on the ground in the kitchen, watching an OBAMA interview.
unfortunately, the best picture I got was the one right when the interview was ending.
it's redic how many typos I make.


seriously cannot stress enough how e.x.c.i.t.e.d I am for this summer.  
Even if I have totally played it up in my head and don't meet anyone cool, don't get to play soccer, get in a major and legit fight with every existing friend I know, get written off by elders simnitt, weeks, syddall, trebas, and even my own sister,  get my bike and scooter stolen, lose my scriptures and all of my journals, and every other tragedy I could ever think of, I still have awesome classes and am super excited to get back out to ID.
as a sidenote:  I really hope none of that happens...  
I've got just under two weeks left in MN, which is sad because I have really enjoyed being home this term, but I'm ready to get back out west.
I have been doing really good about not eating late this winter, except for tonight.  But no one is home and there is nothing else to do but eat and play with the Huas, which brings me to my next point.  I think tonight I will watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua with the Folwell Drive Huas.
This summer, being a resident of La Jolla,  I will have access to the work out facilities there and am really excited because I've ben wanted to get in shape really bad lately, but can't go to any gyms here. 
I need to start drinking more water
I need to keep eating healthier and avoiding junk-food and snacking
I've realized that there are some vegetables that I like, like celery and corn and zucchini and cucumbers.  I like spinach too, and I can buck up and eat carrots I guess.   I love fruit so thats not a problem at all.  
I decided that this semesters tag-line is going to be "choose your own adventure"  and the theme song is gong to be Soco Amaretto Lime.
I don't know why everything needs a tag-line and theme song for me, but I do know it makes things more interesting and a little more motivating.  And with this tag line it makes you take full responsibility for how the summer turns out, and isn't as impulse inducing as "make it count".
I am really full, why can't i ever just eat on cookie or a bite of pizza or a sip of milk?  Why is is always all of the above and multiples?? 
I'm going to go watch my movie with my dogs now.

'Cause it's all been done, and it's all been said.  We're the coolest kids and we take what we can get.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009



I think there will be a slight change in plans for my going west.  If all goes as planned and works out, I will get to leave for Idaho on the 8th of April now, and get there the 9th, which means I might get to see Makana and Cody before they go home. 
After I get there on the 8th,  I will put stuff in storage, see Christine, see some friends, and say good bye to my dad and Christine on the 9th before they head home to Minnesota.   Kaitlin and I will head for utah on the 10th, and spend a weekend there, before i go to WAHINGTON DC for a few days to be part of a NF study!
After that is all done, they will fly me back to Utah just in time for me and Kaitlin to drive back to Idaho for summaohnine.


Last night I found this website called "FOUND". Everyday is is updated with things people have found and sent it: love notes, doodles, cards, shopping lists, pictures... The site is addicting, and since I've alwasy had a bit of a klepto side and a love or taking things, I decided to create my own FOUND box, and maybe eventually share some of them with you. Stay tuned, this could be great.
Library books are a great place for finding things, as well as schools, thrift stores, and parks. If you want to join my efforts, I would greatly appreciate it.
peace and love,

Monday, March 23, 2009


I would never want to stay 18 forever, but i do want to stay like this forever.


Today I got done with work at 1:00 so I went to the library and Barnes and Nobel.  I found some pretty cool books on art and some decent ones on photography.   I found some on street art in europe, and optical illusions, and pop art.
I am still in love with my new book I got the other day.  for real.  peep this.

As a second though about a previous post:  I think that America probably has plenty of its own culture, I just haven't found much.  I love South Dakota and northern MN.  Boston and NYC changed my life forever, and the trip from MN to Idaho is dappled with indian culture, beautiful plains and landscapes... I guess I have seen a lot, but I still want to see more.  I was serious when I said I want to drive the weiner-mobile.  I just want to drive around and spend all day looking at things that other people probably pass every day and never think twice about.


Not that I don't love all things American, but I find other cultures far more interesting and complling. Espically Greek, Indian, and Aztek/Aboriginal.
I guess i love native american cultures, so theres one for the red white and blue.
I've said this before, but I really want to travel the world.
I think I will go to BYU-I this summer (obviously) and next fall, go home next winter, and then summer 2010 go to eurpoe for a semester. That way I have a year to get my grades up and show my parents I am for real.
It also gives me a year to figure out how to get into a program.
After that I think I want to go to BYU-I year round and travel my own country.

Okay, serriously. Being a driver for the oscar meyer weinermobile would be like the flyyyest job ever. Do you thing they hire vegitarians?

Sunday, March 22, 2009


beauty is in the eye of the beholder; i behold beauty in all things.

Lately I've been really inspired.  I think spring is awakening something that has been sleeping in my heart for a while.
I think this could be for real.
I've decided to change majors to Communication, with my minor being marketing and my emphasis being music. I've decide to stop spending so much time indoors sleeping or playing on the internet.  
Ironic right now I know, as i type on my blooogg...  
I am so excited to get back out to school and have Porter park, the library, and all of my art supplies back in my life. I've always wanted to be an  A.R.T.I.S.T  but I never though I was creative enough, now I know it's not about planing and practicing and redoing and making perfect, but about sitting and creating and using your heart and your hands to make what you feel.

There are so many things that happen to me that help me and make me who I am, and i just want to show everyone how beautiful life can be.


so cute <321

-getting to church 
on time.
-teaching primary.
-sunday naps.
-21 days until I'm back in Idaho.
-Having Liver back.
-people asking me about my scripture journal because they have watched me write in it.
-Pinkerton being so tiny
-Warmer weather
-Bubbles being clean again.
-My new book from barnes and nobel.
-finding a second wind of inspiration for my projects.
-bom reading charts
-primary kids who have already read the BOM... all the way through.
-primary kids who don't need cookies to participate and be good.
-no one walking out of primary this week.
-yellow dresses
-black shoes
-spring break!
-HUGE sales at the mall.
-being able to ride a bike again.

This week I am going to need to get a new sketchbook for my scripture journal, and another sketchbook so i can start an art journal like the ones in the 1000 journals project (which is the new book I got from B and N this week).  I want some new shoes, but that's a luxury, so therefor up in the air.  I love minnesota, but I love Idaho more!

heres to the best summer ever...

Saturday, March 21, 2009



next: library trip/break
later: my bedroom

Friday, March 20, 2009



How's this for fierce?  My middle finger is the one that turned out the best.  When i tried to show my mom she said "Don't flip me off!"
She also said "because I'm not 10 years old!"  when I axed her why she wouldn't let me do hers.
I think they are flyyy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I think soco amaretto Lime has won it's place as the anthem for summer 09.  I also think brand new is always going to remind me of Max and that weekend in rexburg.
I wish I had gotten into brand new like five years ago, but I just have too much music on my laptop to get into it all at once.

I'm mostly ready to just go back to school and get surrious about my education.  I need to really study and focus on my school work and me.  I've been spending a lot of time while Ive been home doing things like art and poetry and guitar and music.  It's really helping me stay on track a lot.  I've just got a really good feeling about this summer.  I think if I make sure I try hard, great things are going to happen.  
I have one month here before I go home and I know that I need to still make it count and everything, but I feel like Idaho has my heart.
I think I'm finally awake...

On a very exciting note: my sister got her mission call today,  Preston entered the MTC yesterday, Liver came home yesterday, and elder webster took my letter to max that I wanted my dad to mail and axed me who elder simnitt was.  Our missionaries  are so funny.  For real, and i am so grateful for them, because not only are they the only people in the ward my age, but they are doing so much work for the Lord and are good boys.  

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Weekly Gratitude List.

-opportunities to teach primary.
-The Book of Mormon and all the people who made it a reality.
-The spirit still being there even though half of the kids we not listening to me.
-the fact that 12 year olds can still be bribed with cookies.
-learning primary songs I have never heard of.
-being able to write Dallin and Max in like 30 minutes.  I am a letter writing Pro.
-Preston entering the MTC this week.  
-Amy Doll
-Elders Simnitt, Weeks, and Syddall.... in that order.  just kidding.  I love them all equal.
-The missionaries in my ward, stake, and country.
-the fact that I still can't remember if God has ang-e-l-s or ang-l-e-s, and which one you measure with a protractor.
- The fact that God has them though, to help me and bring to past miracles.
-pet stores so you can have animals when your not even home.
-laundry mats so we can wash crickets filthy filthy blankets.
-BOM reading charts
-challenging the primary kids to read the BOM and several of them saying "what if i already have read it?"
-Pinkerton, Charrrotte, O'Liver...

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I wish I could get my head out of the sand
'cause i think we'd make a good team
and you would keep my fingernails clean
But thats just a stupid dream that i won't realize
'cause I can't even look in your eyes
without shakin'--and I ain't fakin'
I'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon.

The other day I got asked the dreaded question of what my favorite band is.  It really shouldn't be that hard of a question, but it really is; however, I'm one of those people who could also never pick a favorite animal.  Maybe I'm just indecisive about things like this.  It's hard though becuase You favorite band/book/album really does say a lot about you and you don't want to mis-advertise yourself.  I also want people to know things about me: personality, traits, dislikes..... so on, because they have taken the time to get to know me, not because they can spout off things I've told them about myself.
There are also so many bands that mean so much to me and I don't want to forget one of over look them and their contributions to me.  Even so, there are a few bands that will always hold an esteemed place in my heart.  Bright Eyes, Weezer, and Modest Mouse.  But thats just a drop in the bucket.  So many bands and songs remind me of my friends back home, my friends in Idaho, my friends on missions, my friends who aren't my friends anymore, my sister, my parents, my pets, good times, bad times, people I wan't to forget, and people i can't forget.  And this is just secular music...

I could tell people my favorite songs--maybe.  But bands, i don't know why but it's completely different.  And even if it was songs I would need at least ten slots.  and the bottom three would probably rotate.

1  El Scorcho
2 The First Day of My Life
3 The Remedy
4 The World at Large
5 From a Balance Beam
6 Waste of Paint
7 Take it Easy, Love Nothing
8 Chain me Free
9 Katie Come True
10 Alien Christ

I think I can be fairly confident of my answer of Bright Eyes though.  

Friday, March 13, 2009


I decided to take the day off from work so I could work on cleaning my room,  here is a list of the treasures I have found so far.
-A trapper keeper
-An Avril Lavigne collage that I have no idea where it came from because I never liked her until she collaborated with lil' Mama, and by that time i was beyond making collages of celebrities i liked...
-Shoes I though were lost for ever
-Clothes I haven't even worn
-art supplies

The one down fall is i have no idea what happened to my Heath Ledger poster.  I don't think I would have thrown it away because I still have pictures of him on my wall!  Obviously I never went through an anti phase.

All around cleaning my room always leads to treasures.  Balling.  I started packing today to get rid of some bulk.  How crazy is that?  I'm close enough to leaving for Idaho that I can legitimately start packing.  I'm so excited for summer 09!  And next fall (if i stay, which im leaning toward now)  I'm going to live with Cody Paige!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I worked in the locker room for Century High School, basically I got payed close to 10 dollars an hour to play my mom's DS and unlock the door ever 45 minutes, then re-lock it 15 minutes after that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I think that I need to spend a lot less time talking and a lot more time thinking and listening.  Something about institute really just changes my whole persona and makes me just want to sit there like a sponge and absorb everything sister Wilson says.  She is crazy, but really funny and a really good teacher.  I love institute.  I love writing in my Church Journal and I love that i get to teach a lesson to the achievement girls about journaling!

Elder Webster asked me the other day how many missionaries I am writing, because i told them Max got to baptize someone in the ocean and that i can already see how they are changing through their letters.  He told me to write them every week.  I think that is going to be a new sunday activity.  it's only three (soon to be four)  so it's completely doable.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I think I will make the 2000 dollar quota for this summer, so it looks like I'm going back to Idaho!  I registered for classes yesterday!  I got Zoology!  And interpersonal, comm. writing, Teachings of the living prophets, and Visual Media.  
I also think I'm going to be able to stay with Kaitlin's grandmother that week before classes start, so I wont get charged 15 dollar a night for having to move in a week early.  
I am so excited for summer, I'm glad La Jolla has  Gym, complete with a BOW FLEX!  Balling.  Maybe I can get in shape for the first time in my life.  
Im also excied for porter park, star gazing, and getting horked.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Today i worked at Jefferson again with the Autistic program.  It is always such a neat expierence working with those kids.  I worked with Reese and Seth today.  They are really funny, even if they loose it sometimes.
We had the over missionaries for dinner tonight, except with all three of us working full time, we had to take them out, so we went to Cici's Pizza Buffet!   It was good, and it's always fun to see them and hear about the missionary work in the ward and city.  
Tomorrow I work at Bamber Valley,  I guess that Ban from last winter got lifted.... About time, honestly, solitaire on down time should be the least of their concerns.  no one has ever cared how I use down time this year: reading, coloring, drawing, writing in my journal, writing letters to my friends on missions... etc.
I think I found my new project.  We'll one of several I need to work on more.  Thanks big sister!  
I am still so excited to get back out to Idaho.  I love being home, and this winter has been so much more fruitful then last winter was for me, but I am still super stoked to get back out west.  I can't believe it's already almost time to make another pilgrimage!  I never realized how far it was to Idaho (or how north Idaho is) until I drove it myself this past time I went out for fall.  I think it's kind of nice though, makes it feel more like im on my own and away from my home and puts more of a fire under me to be mature and responsible... Or at least try to.  


Sunday, March 8, 2009


I will be on my way back out west in 33 days, 20 hours, and approximately 30 minutes.  I miss the mountains, and the sunsets, and the people.  I think the thing I miss most about Idaho is the atmosphere it has.  I miss the spirit of ricks.   This summer is going to be a lot different than last summer, but I also know it will be a good one.  I'll miss Max and Dallin and Taylor, but I know they are where they need to be.  
I think this is going to be a summer of changes, in a completely different way that summer 08, but just as epic.   I'm going to really try and not be home except to sleep and eat, and spend as much time as i can out side, in the library, and working out.  I need to make summer 09 count ever more than summer 08.

I think it should be "choose your own adventure"  like Iowa state, and those games.  That seems to fit.

Summer 08: Make it count.
Fall 08: It was great, but it could have been epic. 
       It was actually pretty epic, well a few days were at least.
Summer 09:  ???

Here are my GOALS for summer 09:
Get my grades up:  I would really love to get a 4.0, but since I've never done that in my life, i will set a 3.5 as acceptable, but bottom of the barrel.
Go to Devotional every week: I've learned, especially lately, that if you put in even the tiniest bit of effort, the lord will make it rain (blessing wise) on you.  Example:  I went to institute for the first time in a few weeks this past week, and on the way home I really wanted some ho chocolate.  I went to Kwik Trip and tried to get it but the machine was not working.  Because I "had trouble with the machine" the girl behind the counter gave it to me for free.  Coincidence?  I don't believe in Coincidences.
Don't skip any classes:  Seriously, just go skate after class.  It's like 2 hours wait.
Don't skip church, or even "just go to sacrament" unless I'm deathly Ill: Nuff' said.
Stop sipping haterade: This has been one of my goals for about a year, but its HARD.  Especially when people I'm around a lot complain and talk negatively about people they know.  I never want to call them on it because I hate the feeling when someone calls you out...  I'm going to try really hard this summer though, and friends, please keep your haterade off me.
Write a poem/song/piece a week
Always have an art project
Be one of those people that is ALWAYS reading a book
Scripture Study

Here are the PLAGUES of summer 09:
Breaking Curfew
Skipping Class, Devotional, Church, Relief Society, Prayer
Wasting energy, tears, and time on people that aren't worth it
Putting myself first
Wasting Money

I am so excited for summer 09.  I am excited to be back in La Jolla, I am excited to be back with Amy and Beki and Makana.  I am excited to be living with Kaitlin.  I am excited about super sketch, half baked plans of going to California, to Arizona to visit Monica, and to Portland to see Maria.  I am excited for my classes--hopping I get the ones i want.  I am excited to see what this summer holds for me.  I think the thing i am most excited for though, is to continue to see how missionary life changes Max, Dallin, and Taylor.


At last!  Life has been craaaazy lately:  work, pets, cleaning, thinking about starting to pack, figuring out how I'm getting to Idaho, letters from missionaries, letters to missionaries, more letters from missionaries, more letters to missionaries, church callings, church events, eat, sleep, breath.... life moves so fast sometime. I absolutely love it.  It;s like being part of some awesome movie or book. 
I'll be back out in Idaho in just over a month!!  Balling.  
Another sunday has come, and I find myself, once again,  loving it.   We got a new missionary, Elder Webster I think.  He has a stopwatch/combination lock looking thing dangling from his backpack and looks like a kid I use to work with at Panera.  We have had at least 4 missionaries in a row from Idaho.  Sacrament meeting was really good today, even though i was really sleepy.  Sunday school was on prayer and was also really good, and relief society was on leadership, and was...good, go figure.  Even with day light saving's robbing me from an hour of sleep, this was a over all great sunday.

This week I am thankful for....

Letters from Elder Dallin Weeks.
Movie nights with my parents.
Coming out of church to a parking lot of swirling snow
Propel Fitness Drink
Hair growing out
Squaw Bands
My new Gratitude Journal, complete with QUOTES!
Berts Bees Lip Chap
Baby Oil and lotion
Missionary Sunday School

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Tonight was the new 5th wards Ward Ice Cream Social.  It was pretty fun, I talked to the elders mostly and the lady sitting at my table, she was pretty funny.  The ice cream was okay and the brownies were good, so all around a good way to spend the evening.
I got a letter from Dallin today.  He is so solid.  i am so blessed to know him, thank you Cody.  His letters never cease to amaze me.  He is so silly but so serious all at once.  He is such a good boy.  I think his mission is going to make some incdedible changes in him, and I can't wait to see them.
On a completely different note, abby has been being extremely nice lately; maybe she knows her days are numbered.  ily flabby.

Happy day before sunday.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Lazy Thursday.
I can't even remember if I fell asleep last night.  I'm sure at some point I did, but it was well after 2.  At least i had a good long job today that equals lots of cheddar, even if all i did was sit behind a desk at the main entrance of Century High School, which by the way, has about 7 offices.
I am tired tired tired.  I think I'll be going to bed at about 10 tonight.  
I started reading Frankenstein today while I was siting doing nothing for seven hours, and before the chapters start, there are four letters written from the main character to his sister--Margaret I think.  They are beautiful.  I wish people still took the time to be eloquent with their speech and writing. 
I finished the Horse and His Boy and after I read Frankenstein I think I am going to read The Magicians Nephew and The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe.  I made a list of the books I want to read this year.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This is what my days consist of now.

-Hanging out with Pinkerton

5 more weeks.  I really need to make it count because I know things will get crazy once I return to school.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I can not believe that I am already almost two years into my college life.  Two years, thats a full time mission.  It's had it's up and downs and pain and joy.  I've cried I've laughed and I've met some of the best friends and most solid people I could have ever asked for.  I've grown, leanred and developed. It feels like I've been there for ages and just got there at the same time.  I think the highlights of college so far are:

Fall 07:
-stealing TP from the MC because our roommate hoarded it.
-monica jacking up her ankle.
-renting movies from the lobby
-fort Thai.
-living with monica
-elementary school Halloween festivals for extra credit
-breakfast in the galley
-Last night of the semester. holla.

Summer 08:
-the high school boys
-bonfires at the temple
-max and taylor
-sundays at sundown
-the plastics
-horkley's runs at 2 am
-sundays in porter park

Fall 08:
-Maximilian's visit
-getting my first letters from missionaries.
-writting my first letters to missionaries.
-the ward, and the people in it.
-danbury manor
-falling asleep to general conference talks
-going to devotional
-rabies shots

Summer 09 is going to have to bring a lot to match the semesters past, something tells me it will though.  All i know for sure is that I love Rexburg Idaho and that I can't wait to go back.



I was looking at some stuff on youtube last night when I couldn't sleep, and I found out about a new genre of music called Hipster rap--personally I think they should call it Hipster Hop--and it's really fresh.  In my personal, most likely discredited, opinion It's like Chris Brown (a parallel universe version that doesn't beat women) and Travis from Gym class heros joined forces with the Beastie Boys and N.E.R.D.    Maybe even a little Sugar Hill gang.  Maybe.
And they dress well.

Apparently one of the token attributes of Hipsters is irony, so this genre is completely formed around the concept of irony, even if it is unintentional.  I guess, I'm still new to hipster rap.
According to the video I was watching, The hipsters who make this their music of trade amp up the irony by  mixing the hipster style and attitude with the rapper image and apparently that equals irony.

Kids in the Hall
Cool Kids
Kid sister
pretty much anyone with the name "kid" in their name, as stated in this youtube infomercial.

Monday, March 2, 2009



Hedgehogs: pocket sized porcupines. 
and so cute.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


today I am thankful for:
new weekly list.

-Not being the most socially awkward person I know
              .possibly not even making top ten.
-Being exactly 19 and a half.  balling.
-Pinkerton, Charlotte, Oliver, Abby, and Cricket.
-The time I got with Boomer, and Zuzu.  And all the hamsters, gerbils, fish, lizards, snakes and other animals I've had.
-Friends on missions
-Friends across Ameirca
-Extended Cable
-Rob Dyrdek having a new show
-The fact that subfinder calls you
-Break the fast
-Milk, juice, and ice cold water
-glow in the dark nail polish
-cell phone alarms so i can wake up to "do you know" every morning
-the usual things: the church, my mail box, the BOM, sundays, my family, my house, my job...
-people who can light a fire in you to do something
-Jordan the guitar
-Collin the guitar in Idaho
-Music in general
-callouss forming on fingers 
-discovering how to make my own guitar picks out of paper
-Hua sweaters


dog of the week:

sleeping hua pup.
so precious.


Today church was really interesting, in a good way.  We picked up an investigator on the way so we got to sit with her and the missionaries, but we all had to squeeze into like half a pew and no one though to just slid over and let them sit on the end, so they climbed over all of us.  Both of them.  Because they have to go everywhere together.  
This crazy little girl that was sitting in front of us keep touching my knee because I had on purple tights.  Elder West and I both did a very good job at not laughing though.  
I guess that was really all of the commotion, but it all happened in like 10 minutes so it make things seem more extreme.