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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I think that I need to spend a lot less time talking and a lot more time thinking and listening.  Something about institute really just changes my whole persona and makes me just want to sit there like a sponge and absorb everything sister Wilson says.  She is crazy, but really funny and a really good teacher.  I love institute.  I love writing in my Church Journal and I love that i get to teach a lesson to the achievement girls about journaling!

Elder Webster asked me the other day how many missionaries I am writing, because i told them Max got to baptize someone in the ocean and that i can already see how they are changing through their letters.  He told me to write them every week.  I think that is going to be a new sunday activity.  it's only three (soon to be four)  so it's completely doable.


Amy Doll said...

I'm glad that you love institute!
Teaching a lesson on journaling is perfect for you.
I love missionaries.

Amy Doll said...

P.S. Soon to be four? Or soon to be five? Preston and Christine!