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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Party in the USA

I am trying to see if I know someone in or from all 50 states:

1. Alabama Jill Fleming
2. Alaska Zack Stout
3. Arizona Kara Kartchner
4. Arkansas Uncle John
5. California Madison Carver
6. Colorado Brady Smith
7. Connecticut
8. Delaware
9. Florida
10. Georgia Saychelle Rincon
11. Hawaii I had a class with a girl from Hawaii once....
12. Idaho Dallin Weeks
13. Illinois Kara (Old R.S. president)
14. Indiana Amy Doll Marie Benkenstein
15. Iowa Jennifer my old roommate
16. Kansas
17. Kentucky Alli Bennet
18. Louisiana
19. Maine
20. Maryland
21. Massachusetts Tlyer
22. Michigan Monica Fix
23. Minnesota My Family
24. Mississippi
25. Missouri
26. Montana The Winn Twins
27. Nebraska The new neighbours across the street
28. Nevada Alicia
29. New Hampshire
30. New Jersey Diane
31. New Mexico Shela
32.New York Jane Amadu
33. North Carolina Tutu
34.North Dakota
35. Ohio Drew Grella
36. Oklahoma Zach Gibson
37. Oregon Maximilian Simnitt
38. Pennsylvania Meredith
39. Rhode Island
40. South Carolina Kendal
41. South Dakota
42. Tennessee Alex Fisher?
43. Texas Brit
44. Utah Mason West
45. Vermont
46.Virginia Sara Cabrera
47. Washington The Brooks
48. West Virginia
49. Wisconsin The Buxtons
50. Wyoming

Riddle me this...

How come we always take advantage of our time with people until they are out of our lives for a very long time?
How come I never clean my room even though it's a disaster?
How come home feels less and less so the older you get?
How come sometimes you cant get through this week/semester/year fast enough, and other times you just want the moon to stop in the sky and let you live in the moment a bit longer?
How come Narnia doesn't exist when it's 4 am and you have hours of homework ahead of you and all you want to do is go to Narnia so you can sleep and not waste any time in the real world?
How come when books or movies move us it never last longer than a week or so?
How come we can't take responsibility for our own downfalls and sorrows and DO something about it?
How come we put faith in people who let us down time after time?
How come James Franco will never be in my address book?
How come 20 can feel so old and so young at the same time?
How come I have never been on a road trip without my parents?
How come Europe has to be 30 hours away by plane?
How come we can't have dogs at school?
How come I am crazy enough to have fits of depression, but not crazy enough to have a dog at school?
How come taco bell doesn't exist outside of America?
How come we even use the phrase "how come" when logically and linguistically it kind of doesn't make any sense...?
How come Pinkerton is 3 states away?
How come Oliver will never trust us?
How come people abuse animals?
How come five months seems like forever and nothing at all?
How come Cupcakes are so grood?