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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


today I found this on my bestie, Amy's blog.

If you ever feel loved or needed,
Remember that you're one of the lucky ones.

Lately I've been one of the lucky ones.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

martyr for hip-hop

I told marion the following story from my high school years the other day, and she loved it so much she was going to make a blog in honor of the central theme; however, she chose to blog about proactive vending machines instead.  I guess i gotta do my own work:

I have always had a secret (maybe not so secret) love for ridiculous hip-hop/pop songs. i.e. lip gloss, girlfriend remix f. lil mama.  In high school me and my sister were driving home from the movie theater listening to Lip Gloss, windows down, radio CRANKED, car dancing, the whole nine yards... and that is precisely when it happened.  
Red Light.  
Car full of black girls.  
Me dancing.  
Eye contact....

I decided that I had two options:  I could act the fool, turn my radio down, and stop being ridiculous; or i could just play it off like "ain't no thang."  I decided that the first option would lead to the following outcome:  the girls would think i was making fun of them, and be real upset.  no bueno.

I decided to go with the latter option and act like i didn't care about anything other than my music and my dancing.  The only problem was that it was a LONG light and when you are driver, your dance move options are severely restricted... and i was running out of them.
"we are going to me martyrs for hip-hop christine."

long story short, I am here to tell the tale so obviously it ended okay.  I guess I learned something that day though, don't get into it if you cant bring it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

conference weekend.

beautiful thing of the day:
baby emperor penguin

A year ago I was in Utah going to conference in the conference center for the first time in my life with my dad and my sister. Today I watched it at Amy's house in Rexburg Idaho. My sister is all the way across the country in Virginia serving the Lord as a full time missionary, and I think mom said dad is away on business this weekend.
Even though we are very scattered, I love my family and we are very strong and very close.
I love conference weekend, it's like plugging yourself back into the power outlet and letting your battery light turn green again. Mine had been red for too long.
This weekend has barely started and already it has been great. Good friends and good times. (And good timing.)

Next weekend is BRAND NEW in SLC! I haven't been to a show in a really long time, and I have never seen brand new, so I am very excited. I love driving to utah, I love road trips, I love doing things that make me feel alive and make me happy. Some times you need to do things for you. I'm actually a terrible navigator. I get lost a lot. But, that's just part of life. Sometimes you take the wrong exit and have to find your own way back to civilization.

Thank goodness for street signs and people who are easy going.

today I am grateful for:
-beatles rockband
-music from high school
-instant friends
-my car
-the prophet
-technology that brings the saint together from all corners of the world
-teachers who instilled a curiosity for life and a desire to learn in me
-my family
-my friends
-private bedrooms
-my life and the fact that i am learning to LIVE, not just be alive.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The older I get

The more I notice that maybe the things I hold as common knowledge.... aren't.  Even things that i was taught in grade school, like basic American geography (and the fact that Minnesota is NOT in-fact on the east coast) seem foreign to a lot of people I encounter.
Maybe it's because MN is about smack dab in the center of the country(on the north "shore") so we just kind of learn the states out like a radar.  I mean, if i had grown up in california there is probably no way i could have memorized all the way to the new york islands and the gulf stream waters. 
Other kids probably also weren't (aren't) fascinated by those state map puzzle games that you can play online.
And it's totally not that i had superior schooling... believe me. I didn't. I just have a memory for weird facts and stats.  I think i just pay attention to things differently.  Maybe that's what is means to have a lyrical soul.  I don't think so, but I've always loved the sound of that ever sine i heard it in Fever Pitch.   I wish I had a lyrical soul.

These are the things I do know:
-It makes me melt every time I watch the bowling alley scene in Across the Universe, and Jude gives Lucy that look
-Animals can keep you sane
-The beginning is the best part
-Music, time, and prayer can heal all wounds
-glow in the dark air soft pellets make a decent night light
-I love playing volleyball
-you need to forgive yourself too
-I have a very wide range of interests
-Life really is too short to get mad at other people and your energy is too precious to use up on anger 
-make you life better today and love it
-it's about to get real