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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

martyr for hip-hop

I told marion the following story from my high school years the other day, and she loved it so much she was going to make a blog in honor of the central theme; however, she chose to blog about proactive vending machines instead.  I guess i gotta do my own work:

I have always had a secret (maybe not so secret) love for ridiculous hip-hop/pop songs. i.e. lip gloss, girlfriend remix f. lil mama.  In high school me and my sister were driving home from the movie theater listening to Lip Gloss, windows down, radio CRANKED, car dancing, the whole nine yards... and that is precisely when it happened.  
Red Light.  
Car full of black girls.  
Me dancing.  
Eye contact....

I decided that I had two options:  I could act the fool, turn my radio down, and stop being ridiculous; or i could just play it off like "ain't no thang."  I decided that the first option would lead to the following outcome:  the girls would think i was making fun of them, and be real upset.  no bueno.

I decided to go with the latter option and act like i didn't care about anything other than my music and my dancing.  The only problem was that it was a LONG light and when you are driver, your dance move options are severely restricted... and i was running out of them.
"we are going to me martyrs for hip-hop christine."

long story short, I am here to tell the tale so obviously it ended okay.  I guess I learned something that day though, don't get into it if you cant bring it.


monica said...

haha that is funny.
good thing i have never run into that problem.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

Oh man I get caught rockin out in my car probably once a month. The bad part is that I'm usually in the vehicle by myself, and I'm usually seen by someone I've met once or twice and they just look at me weird instead of laughing.

InYourBoat said...

Im getting around to it!!!