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Thursday, March 26, 2009


A late night run to Wal-Mart not only provided me with all the necessities for a night in with the dogs, but also inspiration in creating this: 

the ABC's of Summer 09

A is for ART
the kind that inspires
your heart, mind, and love,
and passion like fires.

B is for biking,
longboarding, or brisk
walking, and scooters--
help the world still exist.

C is for camping
in all nature's glories,
I can't put a price 
on creating stories.

skip if you're bored,
but for me and my house
we make time for the Lord.

E is for Evenings
at home with the fam,
do it each monday
start your week with a  BAM!

F is for friends 
and fires and firsts
like hiking R mountian
and watching stars burst. 

G is for grammar 
and things to be taught.
Remember life lessons
and forget what you've fought.

H is for henna 
and things that inspire.
Harness your heart
and creations acquire.

I is for Indians, 
Africans, natives.
Culture's people inspire
and make us creatives!

J is for July
to celebrate all
things Americana
from big to small.

K is for Katherine
my full and true name.
For finding myself
and for staying the same.

L is for love,
which summer inspires.
And hoping I don't
get caught up in false fires.

M is for music,
a small Rexburg jem.
The plastic house is gone
but we'll still honor them.

N is for nothing.
Just sit and reflect.
think on and learn from
your past terms well spent.

O is for overnight trips
with good buddies.
In mountain's and houses,
apartments and gullies.

P is for priorities,
I hope to get straight.
So i can get ready
for life to be great.

Q is for quest,
and adventures to boot.
For laughing and love
that we never dilute.

R is for REXBURG!
our Family Community.
For new names and new faces,
endless opportunity.

S is for stamps,
on letters to friends,
and Sundays spent writing; 
our love to extend.

T is for time,
so do what you can,
to make this world better,
and help that view span.

U is for units,
wards, and our groups.
These join us in purpous
and keep us in loops.

V is for vaycay!
To vegas or to
utah for friendships
and fun to pursue.

W is for walking
to horkley's with friends.
Here's to the moments;
we're linked till the end.

X is for X-cellent, 
it's a bit of a stretch.
take a moment to
capture your glory in sketch.

Y is for years,
ahead and behind.
for physical pain
and battles of mind.

Z is for zest,
in all things of life.
for laughing in bliss,
and crying in strife.


1 comment:

Amy Doll said...

Taffrine! That was soo wonderful!
Make it into a book and sell it at the bookstore!