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Sunday, March 22, 2009


so cute <321

-getting to church 
on time.
-teaching primary.
-sunday naps.
-21 days until I'm back in Idaho.
-Having Liver back.
-people asking me about my scripture journal because they have watched me write in it.
-Pinkerton being so tiny
-Warmer weather
-Bubbles being clean again.
-My new book from barnes and nobel.
-finding a second wind of inspiration for my projects.
-bom reading charts
-primary kids who have already read the BOM... all the way through.
-primary kids who don't need cookies to participate and be good.
-no one walking out of primary this week.
-yellow dresses
-black shoes
-spring break!
-HUGE sales at the mall.
-being able to ride a bike again.

This week I am going to need to get a new sketchbook for my scripture journal, and another sketchbook so i can start an art journal like the ones in the 1000 journals project (which is the new book I got from B and N this week).  I want some new shoes, but that's a luxury, so therefor up in the air.  I love minnesota, but I love Idaho more!

heres to the best summer ever...

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