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Monday, March 23, 2009


Today I got done with work at 1:00 so I went to the library and Barnes and Nobel.  I found some pretty cool books on art and some decent ones on photography.   I found some on street art in europe, and optical illusions, and pop art.
I am still in love with my new book I got the other day.  for real.  peep this.

As a second though about a previous post:  I think that America probably has plenty of its own culture, I just haven't found much.  I love South Dakota and northern MN.  Boston and NYC changed my life forever, and the trip from MN to Idaho is dappled with indian culture, beautiful plains and landscapes... I guess I have seen a lot, but I still want to see more.  I was serious when I said I want to drive the weiner-mobile.  I just want to drive around and spend all day looking at things that other people probably pass every day and never think twice about.

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Quinn the Eskimo said...

have you seen the grand canyon? it's a great stopping point on the way to tempe