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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I think soco amaretto Lime has won it's place as the anthem for summer 09.  I also think brand new is always going to remind me of Max and that weekend in rexburg.
I wish I had gotten into brand new like five years ago, but I just have too much music on my laptop to get into it all at once.

I'm mostly ready to just go back to school and get surrious about my education.  I need to really study and focus on my school work and me.  I've been spending a lot of time while Ive been home doing things like art and poetry and guitar and music.  It's really helping me stay on track a lot.  I've just got a really good feeling about this summer.  I think if I make sure I try hard, great things are going to happen.  
I have one month here before I go home and I know that I need to still make it count and everything, but I feel like Idaho has my heart.
I think I'm finally awake...

On a very exciting note: my sister got her mission call today,  Preston entered the MTC yesterday, Liver came home yesterday, and elder webster took my letter to max that I wanted my dad to mail and axed me who elder simnitt was.  Our missionaries  are so funny.  For real, and i am so grateful for them, because not only are they the only people in the ward my age, but they are doing so much work for the Lord and are good boys.  


christineleigh said...

I love Brand New! And Tutu told me about Oliver!

Amy Doll said...

I don't know what Preston everything means but I'm excited for summer oh nine and think that would be a perfect theme song. And I'm excited for Christiiiine!