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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Weekly Gratitude List.

-opportunities to teach primary.
-The Book of Mormon and all the people who made it a reality.
-The spirit still being there even though half of the kids we not listening to me.
-the fact that 12 year olds can still be bribed with cookies.
-learning primary songs I have never heard of.
-being able to write Dallin and Max in like 30 minutes.  I am a letter writing Pro.
-Preston entering the MTC this week.  
-Amy Doll
-Elders Simnitt, Weeks, and Syddall.... in that order.  just kidding.  I love them all equal.
-The missionaries in my ward, stake, and country.
-the fact that I still can't remember if God has ang-e-l-s or ang-l-e-s, and which one you measure with a protractor.
- The fact that God has them though, to help me and bring to past miracles.
-pet stores so you can have animals when your not even home.
-laundry mats so we can wash crickets filthy filthy blankets.
-BOM reading charts
-challenging the primary kids to read the BOM and several of them saying "what if i already have read it?"
-Pinkerton, Charrrotte, O'Liver...

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