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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today was a day for firsts:

First of all, I woke up to a brand new laptop!  But not in the way that would have been exciting and awesome because what i really woke up to was my old laptop with absolutely nothing on the hard-drive anymore.  Let me just say, when you are home alone for the week, crisis' seen ten times worse.
Okay, now I should probably back up and say that it's always the days i decide to scrub it and think "at least I'm only going to wal-mart" or "I'll just run to the library really fast" that I see everyone I know around town, or really cute boys.   That is probably why when i was looking for the catcher in the rye I saw a beautiful boy with the flyyest kicks ever, and why as I was leaving the library (in sweats, ugs, and out of control hair) I ran into the missionaries.  When you run into the missionaries you always have to stop and say hello to them--and shake hands.  I should probably also mention they weren't even the ones from my ward, but i know them from seeing them at the building after church.
After a little small talk Elder Robinson said "so what are you doing.... like right now?"  And i said "I dunno, nothing."  So he asked me if i wanted to help them teach someone, and i said "Are you serious?  Look at what I'm wearing!"  He told me it didn't matter So i said I would love to.
The only problem was that we couldn't find the girls, and eventually they had to get going, but not before they got my number for future use.

So, back to today.  Needless to say I was not happy and did the only thing I could deem logical at the time... Call my mom, who didn't answer.  So i called again and again and when she finally got to her phone she probably though I the house was on fire or something because of all the missed calls.
I finally realized if i wanted to get my computer fixed the person I should really call is the apple hotline.  I called apple support and found out that you only get to call in for help within 90 days of getting your product.  Seriously apple?  Thats a bit harsh.  But when i told him my sob story about trying to clean out my HD to make room on my computer for this coming semester  and this morning finding it cleaner that I would ever want it I must have sturk a nerve, because he stayed on and helped me.  He asked me a ton of questions and eventually we discovered the problem.  Somewhere between deleting duplicate pictures and old school files, I changed the USER file name from "katiefleming" to "Katherine Fleming".  


After completing spring cleaning on my computer to my satisfaction, I logged out of my profile and shut down my computer for the night.  Which i never so, I always just leave it logged in and close my computer when I'm done.  So apparently since I had changed this file name, my computer couldn't retrieve any of the information stored on it while the name was what it had been before I changed it from "katiefleming" to "Katherine Fleming".  Pretty mojor consequences for such a small act if you ask me! Maybe I'm supposed to learn some life lesson, the kind I can metaphorically apply to my life.  
So, with the problem discovered, Apple man put me on hold for a while and went on trying to discover how to fix my problem.  While I was on hold, I tried to call my mom again from my cell phone, becuase I was on the house phone with apple man.  Another thing i never do, I always just use my celly.   While I was on hold, someone called my cell phone and I had a really strong urge to answer it, so i did.  It was the missionaries from the day before and they told me that we must have just missed the girls at the library and that they were going to teach them for real at 3 o clock at the library and expalin  asked if i would like to go with them today.  I told them I really would, and started to explain the problem at hand, but just then the apple person came back and I was on two different phones with two different people and couldn't sort everything out fast enough.  I didn't want to be rude and be like "later elders"  but I also didn't want to hang up on the man with the salvation for my computer.  I was trying to figure out how to say bye to one party without the other party thinking i was blowing them off and hanging up on me, which would have been tragic if it was the apple man.  Luckily Missionaries are a little cooler in stressful situations that I am and Elder Rutter just said "call us back" and hung up.
So the Mac Man found a way to fix my computer, and after walking me through a few simple steps said "now this next bit we have to do really fast and it has a lot of steps so I'm going to tell you what we are going to do, then you will do it."  It was probably one of the most stressful things I have ever done, but I fixed it.
I called the missionaries back.  The thing I like most about missionaries is they are ALWAYS excited to see you/hear from you.  No matter what.  "KATHERINE!!!" was what i got as an answer to my call and i told elder rutter "I got it fixed!"  So after three potential changes in venue i finally met the elders at the l.i.b, got to help them teach this really nice girl, and got my computer fixed!
What a great day! 

To bad this only brings us to 4 pm and thanks to daylight savings there was still plenty of daylight to burn.  Why can;t I ever just go home?

 I decided to go to the antique shop about 20 miles outside or Rochester, and my trip there was awesome.  They had some really cool old things and it was really fun to look through it all. I got this balling locket and  a fly old key, and on the way home i got a speeding ticket!  Lucky me.

Today was just a day full of firsts, and i Loved every one.
even the ticket to some extent.  I fell like a true American teenager now.  
And if i was going to have to get a ticket in this life, I feel like it is more acceptable that i got it while I was still a teenager.


Amy Doll said...

I'm so glad you finally got to teach with the missionaries!
Comps crashing are ALWAYS stressful. I've had it happen to many times and it is always cray.
Did you tell your parentals about your ticket?!

Taffrine! said...

chyea i told them. I called them as soon as i got home. I am NOT dealing with my mom finding out through the grapevine. she would murder me.

christineleigh said...

I bet mom was PISSED! 'Cause I got a speeding ticket not too long ago either! How fast were you going? I was 15 over and $75 poorer.

Taffrine! said...

im 19 over and grabbag poorer. i gotta call manaya.

Leah said...

Mmmm antiques are so delish!