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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


seriously cannot stress enough how e.x.c.i.t.e.d I am for this summer.  
Even if I have totally played it up in my head and don't meet anyone cool, don't get to play soccer, get in a major and legit fight with every existing friend I know, get written off by elders simnitt, weeks, syddall, trebas, and even my own sister,  get my bike and scooter stolen, lose my scriptures and all of my journals, and every other tragedy I could ever think of, I still have awesome classes and am super excited to get back out to ID.
as a sidenote:  I really hope none of that happens...  
I've got just under two weeks left in MN, which is sad because I have really enjoyed being home this term, but I'm ready to get back out west.
I have been doing really good about not eating late this winter, except for tonight.  But no one is home and there is nothing else to do but eat and play with the Huas, which brings me to my next point.  I think tonight I will watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua with the Folwell Drive Huas.
This summer, being a resident of La Jolla,  I will have access to the work out facilities there and am really excited because I've ben wanted to get in shape really bad lately, but can't go to any gyms here. 
I need to start drinking more water
I need to keep eating healthier and avoiding junk-food and snacking
I've realized that there are some vegetables that I like, like celery and corn and zucchini and cucumbers.  I like spinach too, and I can buck up and eat carrots I guess.   I love fruit so thats not a problem at all.  
I decided that this semesters tag-line is going to be "choose your own adventure"  and the theme song is gong to be Soco Amaretto Lime.
I don't know why everything needs a tag-line and theme song for me, but I do know it makes things more interesting and a little more motivating.  And with this tag line it makes you take full responsibility for how the summer turns out, and isn't as impulse inducing as "make it count".
I am really full, why can't i ever just eat on cookie or a bite of pizza or a sip of milk?  Why is is always all of the above and multiples?? 
I'm going to go watch my movie with my dogs now.

'Cause it's all been done, and it's all been said.  We're the coolest kids and we take what we can get.


christineleigh said...

False. I will NEVER write you off.

Amy Doll said...

What was fall oh eight's theme song? Do You Know What It Feels Like? World At Large? And was the tag line "It was good but it could have been better" or "Make it count"?

Summer oh nine!

Taffrine! said...

fall oh eight was "it was good, but it could have been epic" hahaha.

and the theme song was probably the world at large. it was another growing time...

i feel like fall oh eight had chapters, and each one maybe even had its own theme song...
but over all it was probably the world at large, at least for me. (maybe not tori) lolz