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Tuesday, March 24, 2009



I think there will be a slight change in plans for my going west.  If all goes as planned and works out, I will get to leave for Idaho on the 8th of April now, and get there the 9th, which means I might get to see Makana and Cody before they go home. 
After I get there on the 8th,  I will put stuff in storage, see Christine, see some friends, and say good bye to my dad and Christine on the 9th before they head home to Minnesota.   Kaitlin and I will head for utah on the 10th, and spend a weekend there, before i go to WAHINGTON DC for a few days to be part of a NF study!
After that is all done, they will fly me back to Utah just in time for me and Kaitlin to drive back to Idaho for summaohnine.


Amy Doll said...

That would be fantastic!

Amy Doll said...

Taffrine! said...

for real, if i have it i might as well get a free trip to our nations capitol out of it, and this site looks flyy. :)

christineleigh said...

whoa, whoa, whoa. Do I get to be a part of the NF study?!