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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last night I found this website called "FOUND". Everyday is is updated with things people have found and sent it: love notes, doodles, cards, shopping lists, pictures... The site is addicting, and since I've alwasy had a bit of a klepto side and a love or taking things, I decided to create my own FOUND box, and maybe eventually share some of them with you. Stay tuned, this could be great.
Library books are a great place for finding things, as well as schools, thrift stores, and parks. If you want to join my efforts, I would greatly appreciate it.
peace and love,


Amy Doll said...

Oh yeah! I've been to that website before!
I think I went there and thought "Katherine would love this!"

Taffrine! said...

haha, i looked at it all day at work today! my job is soooo hard!