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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I can not believe that I am already almost two years into my college life.  Two years, thats a full time mission.  It's had it's up and downs and pain and joy.  I've cried I've laughed and I've met some of the best friends and most solid people I could have ever asked for.  I've grown, leanred and developed. It feels like I've been there for ages and just got there at the same time.  I think the highlights of college so far are:

Fall 07:
-stealing TP from the MC because our roommate hoarded it.
-monica jacking up her ankle.
-renting movies from the lobby
-fort Thai.
-living with monica
-elementary school Halloween festivals for extra credit
-breakfast in the galley
-Last night of the semester. holla.

Summer 08:
-the high school boys
-bonfires at the temple
-max and taylor
-sundays at sundown
-the plastics
-horkley's runs at 2 am
-sundays in porter park

Fall 08:
-Maximilian's visit
-getting my first letters from missionaries.
-writting my first letters to missionaries.
-the ward, and the people in it.
-danbury manor
-falling asleep to general conference talks
-going to devotional
-rabies shots

Summer 09 is going to have to bring a lot to match the semesters past, something tells me it will though.  All i know for sure is that I love Rexburg Idaho and that I can't wait to go back.


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