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Sunday, March 8, 2009


At last!  Life has been craaaazy lately:  work, pets, cleaning, thinking about starting to pack, figuring out how I'm getting to Idaho, letters from missionaries, letters to missionaries, more letters from missionaries, more letters to missionaries, church callings, church events, eat, sleep, breath.... life moves so fast sometime. I absolutely love it.  It;s like being part of some awesome movie or book. 
I'll be back out in Idaho in just over a month!!  Balling.  
Another sunday has come, and I find myself, once again,  loving it.   We got a new missionary, Elder Webster I think.  He has a stopwatch/combination lock looking thing dangling from his backpack and looks like a kid I use to work with at Panera.  We have had at least 4 missionaries in a row from Idaho.  Sacrament meeting was really good today, even though i was really sleepy.  Sunday school was on prayer and was also really good, and relief society was on leadership, and was...good, go figure.  Even with day light saving's robbing me from an hour of sleep, this was a over all great sunday.

This week I am thankful for....

Letters from Elder Dallin Weeks.
Movie nights with my parents.
Coming out of church to a parking lot of swirling snow
Propel Fitness Drink
Hair growing out
Squaw Bands
My new Gratitude Journal, complete with QUOTES!
Berts Bees Lip Chap
Baby Oil and lotion
Missionary Sunday School

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Amy Doll said...

I love missionaries.
I don't know how I found this and I don't know who these boys are but it is redik and I thought it was funny.
Happy Sunday!