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Sunday, March 8, 2009


I will be on my way back out west in 33 days, 20 hours, and approximately 30 minutes.  I miss the mountains, and the sunsets, and the people.  I think the thing I miss most about Idaho is the atmosphere it has.  I miss the spirit of ricks.   This summer is going to be a lot different than last summer, but I also know it will be a good one.  I'll miss Max and Dallin and Taylor, but I know they are where they need to be.  
I think this is going to be a summer of changes, in a completely different way that summer 08, but just as epic.   I'm going to really try and not be home except to sleep and eat, and spend as much time as i can out side, in the library, and working out.  I need to make summer 09 count ever more than summer 08.

I think it should be "choose your own adventure"  like Iowa state, and those games.  That seems to fit.

Summer 08: Make it count.
Fall 08: It was great, but it could have been epic. 
       It was actually pretty epic, well a few days were at least.
Summer 09:  ???

Here are my GOALS for summer 09:
Get my grades up:  I would really love to get a 4.0, but since I've never done that in my life, i will set a 3.5 as acceptable, but bottom of the barrel.
Go to Devotional every week: I've learned, especially lately, that if you put in even the tiniest bit of effort, the lord will make it rain (blessing wise) on you.  Example:  I went to institute for the first time in a few weeks this past week, and on the way home I really wanted some ho chocolate.  I went to Kwik Trip and tried to get it but the machine was not working.  Because I "had trouble with the machine" the girl behind the counter gave it to me for free.  Coincidence?  I don't believe in Coincidences.
Don't skip any classes:  Seriously, just go skate after class.  It's like 2 hours wait.
Don't skip church, or even "just go to sacrament" unless I'm deathly Ill: Nuff' said.
Stop sipping haterade: This has been one of my goals for about a year, but its HARD.  Especially when people I'm around a lot complain and talk negatively about people they know.  I never want to call them on it because I hate the feeling when someone calls you out...  I'm going to try really hard this summer though, and friends, please keep your haterade off me.
Write a poem/song/piece a week
Always have an art project
Be one of those people that is ALWAYS reading a book
Scripture Study

Here are the PLAGUES of summer 09:
Breaking Curfew
Skipping Class, Devotional, Church, Relief Society, Prayer
Wasting energy, tears, and time on people that aren't worth it
Putting myself first
Wasting Money

I am so excited for summer 09.  I am excited to be back in La Jolla, I am excited to be back with Amy and Beki and Makana.  I am excited to be living with Kaitlin.  I am excited about super sketch, half baked plans of going to California, to Arizona to visit Monica, and to Portland to see Maria.  I am excited for my classes--hopping I get the ones i want.  I am excited to see what this summer holds for me.  I think the thing i am most excited for though, is to continue to see how missionary life changes Max, Dallin, and Taylor.

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underacloud said...

that sounds like a good list.
I hope you can get out of the habit of skipping classes, I've gotten to be soooo bad at doing it.
I need to stop too!