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Saturday, May 2, 2009

i cant remember what number I am on...

This summer is already crazy. I love all of my classes but I am in the l.i.b. constantly. It's all work I like though so i don't really mind doing it all day. I really want to try and get straight As this semester, and make my mom proud. She said if i do she will let me bring her camera out to school and take a photography class with it :).
It's really nice to be able to go to one house and see everyone, even if it is sad not being able to live there myself. I think it will all work out though. I love rexburg and all of the people here. I really have been so lucky with all the friends that I have made here; sometimes I really don't know how i got so lucky.
I'm sorry that I'm such a recluse sometimes. I just have a lot on my mind unually and I havent learned how to get it to stop yet. I didn't use to be this way, but i crashed a lot more then. I think I'm still just learning how to balance everything, but the one thing i have learned with out a shadow of a doubt is when you make time for church things, it gets easier to organize the rest too.
I really have learned a lot in the last year and I feel like I've mad some pretty radicle changes. Maybe they aren't noticable to others, but I can tell.

Summer 09. Choose your own adventure.

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