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Sunday, August 23, 2009

aug. 23. 2009

Today in church we talked about work, and doing it.  Our teacher said, growing up, that during the summer they had two options each weekday:  they could either weed the garden for an hour, or write a one page paper on something out of the encyclopedia--that or enroll in summer school.
Great idea if you ask me.  I think I'm going to start writing a piece a day, educational or not.  I just want to write more.  Outside of journaling, poetry, lyrics.  I also want to start adding more of an ART element to my journals.
I've started reading again, and it's great.  It feels coming home even more like coming home because I hardly ever have/make time to read while I am in school.

I'm going to europe next summer,  I get to take some really great classes next semester, i got a letter from Max yesterday, it's my birthday soon and life could not be any sweeter right now. 

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