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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Summer 09 Bucket List.
After a pretty rough and gnasty frosh year, I have decided to stop being so stupid, set some goals, and get over myself.  This semester went a lot better but I know there is still so much I can do better this summer.

-Devotional every week.
-temple at least every three weeks.
-Music Outlet with Saychelle at least once.
-work out  3 days a week
-4.0 (3.5 very minimum)
-do something nice for someone else at least once a week.
-have a great escape at least once a month.  Just me.  maybe once with a friend.
-go to R mountain.
-go to the library between classes.
-get tutors.
-don't eat out.
-don't buy things i don't need, with the exception of art supplies and food i don't really want to buy anything.
-Prayer Rock.
-go for a bike ride every day.
-sunday naps/scripture reading in porter park.
-keep my room clean
-write a poem a week.
-and a song a month.
-say hi to 3 new people a day.
-make time for others in my day.
-get involved.
-go to ward activities.
-hopefully get a calling.
-Look into that internship and hopefully work out a way to do it.
-Eat healthier.
-read the scriptures every night.
-at least never miss more than one night at a time.
-get into the habit of morning prayers.
-read lots of good books and talks and church leader books.
-get into art: painting, drawing, everything.
-start reading poetry.
-spend at least one afternoon a week in the library browsing.... make it thursdays.
-Read my PB every sunday.
-care packages.
-WRITE home.

Im sure there will be more to come.

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