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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Megaphones over funnels.
What that means to me.

Basically, when you have a problem, you tend to look for the easy way out:  the one solution that will always always always work.  Time in, time out, never let you down.  5+2 will always equal 7.
This is thinking through funnels.

When you expand and look at all the other solutions that could also get you the same, or a similar solution, that is thinking though megaphones.  (1+6, 3+4, 8-1 etc. also all equal 7)

Basically, it's exactly what it sounds like.  Megaphones amplify things and project them much further than they would normally go.   Funnels narrow the travel path of things and force them into places they would never be able to fit--or even try to go-- on their own.

Charlotte got fixed--and got 9 teeth pulled--the other day, and is now recovering.  She is doing well, but it's always scary to have big things happen to such tiny dogs.


Amy Doll said...

Nine teef?!
How does she eat?!

Taffrine! said...

she eats wet food.
and her adult teeth are already like half way in, so she manages. poor baby though, her mouth is really gross right now.