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Friday, February 13, 2009


I write the songs.
I write the songs!
You said I'm doin'  it wrong.
you ARE doin' it wrong!!

p-p-p-put your crystals under my pillow...

The unicorns are a treasure--they are one of the most precious gem stone possible; somewhere between rubies and diamonds.
Thank you late night skate videos for introducing them to me, and to Collin James Sandoe for bringing yesterday back around, and helping us make up for lost time.

I love how sayings, or speech patterns in general, spread like wildfire--or a plague--among friends.  I've noticed people having whole conversations with the same inflections and dialect I would use after hanging around them for only a few months.  It's hard to tell who things even came from, what is you, and where you picked other things up from.
It's like how people say "you can't tell where one stops and the next one begins" about ples of kittens or puppies.  Everyone's speech patterns melt into everyone else's and noone is unique anymore.  At least not until you go to a completely new clique, then they are all the same within their own krew.
Spoken word is taken for granted, the human voice is one of the most beautiful and powerful things around, but I think sometimes people take speech for granted. For real.
I guess I'm interested in the obscure, basic things that make up the rest of the world more than other people are, but I still think it's kind of sad how monotone the world is becoming.  Not even monotone.  Just--similar, uniform, controlled....  
Laughs aside, If it it weren't for timbre,   I wouldn't even be able to tell at lest 3 of my friends apart when they are talking if i couldn't see them.
Speech is the main way we communicate with eachother.  how sad is it that it's all becoming one melting pot?

...I'm just saying.

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