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Saturday, February 21, 2009


I wish my hair grew faaaaaaasteeeeeeeerrr.
But I'm glad it grows at the rate it does.

I don't think I've had long hair since like, first grade.  It's been longish a few times, but never l-o-n-g.  

Winter 09 had been full of its ups, its downs, its cat attacks, its tease of a weather cycle, and rabies shots.  It was depressing at first to be home.  I had like, no one to hang out with, and little to do--between work, church, FHE, institute, callings, nights in bubbles, taxing my mom to and from work, reading, painting, practicing guitar...
I pretty quickly discovered that there was plenty to do and that despite not being in classes, winter 09 was still shaping up to be a crazy semester.

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