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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today I spent at least 7 hours traveling to and attending church and church events.  This coming week is going to be filled with FHE, enrichment, temple trips and it's going to be the very best week ever.
Tomorrow is my last day with the kindergarten classes I have been working with the last week and a half.  I'm bringing them in valentines because both groups decorated valentine bags this past week.

One of the things I got to go to tonight was Standards Night for the Lacrosse branch.  The video they showed us was the cheesiest thing I've ever seen, including American Mall, but it was still really good.
I set three goals for 2009 from The Strength Of youth pamphlet.
They told us to make them public so we are more likely to meet them.
-Education:  Take education seriously and do all I can to gain a proper and full education while I am here on earth.  I would really like to get a 4.0 this summer or at the very least a 3.5; I think I should be able to do that if i try hard and stay on top of things.
-Tithing:  Pay a full tithe. ALWAYS.
-Service:  Do my best to make a difference in someone's life.  Everyday I want to do something up uplift someone else.  Just small things like say hello or smile at people.  Once a week I want to do something bigger for someone.

I just love sundays.

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